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Awakening Shakti, Reclaiming Self

Awaken to the feminine energy within and reclaim your power through yoga, writing and other energy arts.

Learn the art of stillness and deep listening to your four bodies; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.


Four 1-2-1 Divine Feminine Coaching Sessions via Skype per week + a bonus New Moon Ritual Group Class!


***An extra gift when you sign up by Monday 21st November before Midnight (UK time)!

:: A Free 20 minute Yoga Oracle Card reading to be booked whenever you need extra clarity and guidance! ::


- Gain clarity for your next steps through self-exploration.
- Move from fear and anxiety to self-trust.
- Journey towards peace, strength and inner harmony.
- Protect yourself, say no and assert your boundaries.
- Create space for nourishing and healthy relationships.
- Love and re-connect with your entire being.
- Be master of your world.

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