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Embrace Your Powerful Light! Maghā Purnima: February’s Full Moon in Leo | Vedic Astrology

February Full Moon in Leo | Maghā Nakshatra | Vedic Astrology

On February 24th, 2024, at 12:30 GMT, the Moon reaches fullness in siṃha rāśi (Leo), within the nakshatra of Maghā, governed by the Pitṛs, the divine ancestors, and symbolised by a royal throne. Maghā holds significance for connecting to your roots, particularly the traditional knowledge and wisdom of your paternal lineage.

Sun-ruled Leo reflects the royal abode of the King. It is a time to embrace our power and true identity through our connection to our forefathers, whose essence embodies dharma — that which is righteous and true.

Paradoxically, Maghā requires the quality of detachment to claim true divine strength, as it is ruled by headless Ketu.

Ketu compels us, through challenging and painful situations, to transcend the mind and ego. Nevertheless, spiritual endeavours find favour during this full moon cycle, as Ketu’s ultimate goal is liberation (moksha).

As the moon waxes, our emotions too brim over, bursting forth like a cut, a scar — a result of Ketu’s influence. Something must be released, and Leo offers clarity on what it is: the ego, the shadow side, and the downfall of our inner authority.

Opposite to the moon, the Sun in humanitarian-focused Aquarius reminds us that true sovereignty requires balance and self-responsibility. To rule our kingdom with integrity, we must extend assistance beyond our own walls. Hindus recognise Maghā Purnima as an auspicious time for charitable acts or rituals benefiting society.

How can your actions support and reach those around you? Practice detachment from ego-desires and you will suffer less and also be the cause of less suffering.

February’s moon cycle offers an opportunity for lineage healing, that is, addressing the karmic patterns within your immediate family and your forefathers. Explore the truth about your family karma, as it holds many keys to understanding current relationship dynamics.

Trust yourself and step into your powerful light to transform ancestral emotional pain and mental limitations. Become a healthier future ancestor. Lead the way.

Accompanied by Mercury, Saturn’s conjunction with the Sun, opposite the Moon, brings pressure, reminding us to slow down and fulfil our highest duties toward our ancient lineages. Commit to your responsibilities with your courageous heart, knowing that the blessings of power and wisdom from your ancestors will guide and flow through you.

This full moon in Maghā nakshatra gifts the strength of transformation and purification to those who surrender to the supreme authority of the Pitṛs, who prepare us for the upheaval of the coming eclipses.

In Bhārat, it is a time of devotion, marked by bathing rituals in sacred rivers. These divine waters reflect our interconnectedness with the cosmos and our true essence of oneness.


Honour your ancestral lineages by bringing offerings to your home temple or ancestral altar. Invite the support of the Pitṛs and express gratitude for their guidance. Practice detachment to balance material desires with spiritual goals.


Reflect on your ancestors’ influence on your authentic self-expression.

Consider the guidance or teachings of your ancestral or spiritual family and their impact on your life path.

Envision the most powerful and confident version of yourself.





Embrace and radiate your innate

light and abundance.

Clear and organise your home to invite blessings and clarity, which will help to align your actions with your svadharma.

Make space for meditation.





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