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The Silent Symphony: February’s New Moon in Capricorn | DhaniṢṬha Nakshatra

New Moon in Capricorn | February 9th | Dhaniṣṭha Nakshatra | Vedic Astrology Insights


Move restlessness into momentum during February’s New Moon cycle in Makararāśi — the goal-focused Capricorn, portrayed as a sea dragon bearing the features of a crocodile. Its front body is capable of functioning on land and often shown depicted as a stag, goat, or elephant with other animal parts. Therefore, it embodies the dual natures of earth and water, representing our sense of stability and inner fluidity. This polarity indicates the work that must be done on earth, our karmas, and how we must transform them through our deep spiritual work (represented by its tail half, which has the ability to move in the depths of the seas).

To add to this cycle’s powerful Capricorn energy, exalted Mars offers his company and amplifies his action-oriented influence as the planetary ruler of Dhaniṣṭha, the star of material prosperity.

The agitation, stress, and pressure to succeed are, of course, brought on by Saturn, the taskmaster and lord of Capricorn. Mercury, too, here, reveals the importance of the mind, its attachments and desires, and where this energy and drive are concentrated.

Mauni Amavas and Dhaniṣṭha Nakshatra

Observing silence (Mauni) is an important theme on the day of this New Moon. Not only because traditionally, Amavasya, the No Moon Day, signals the mind to retreat and reflect, and the body to slow down and rest, but also because Dhaniṣṭha’s previous name was known as Shrviṣṭha, connected to Shravana, the nakshatra preceding it, the star of inner listening. As we transition into the cycle of Dhaniṣṭha, we evolve towards materialising the inner wisdom of soul and spirit.

Among Dhaniṣṭha’s symbols are Shiva’s damaru (the cosmic drum) and Shri Krishna’s flute — hollow instruments that reflect the significance of space, sound, and flow, the conditions necessary for creation and destruction. Where there is surrender, one can hear the rhythm and symphony of nature, along with one’s true timeless Self, which is revealed in stillness and silence.

The connection to Shri Krishna is further enhanced through the devatas of Dhaniṣṭha, who are the eight Vasu Devas — another name for Krishna. These represent elements of nature, of which the body and atman, the individual consciousness, are comprised.

Quieten the senses of the manas (the mind) and release the grip of the ego so you can truly move towards that which illuminates and grows your inner wealth: your values and the greatness hidden within you, which you have the power to materialise.

The New Moon in Capricorn, Dhaniṣṭha nakshatra, sets the tone for taking responsibility for where our attention goes, shifting our focus towards our higher goals, and seeking the daily discipline, organisation, and structure required to succeed.


Loosen your mental and emotional attachments and allow space and silence for spontaneity, flexibility, and flow. Listen first, then act, and dance to this inner symphony.


Where in your mind and life are you gripping too tight?

What must you relinquish to move forward and take action?

Can you name the ego-death that is asking for surrender?

What actions are needed in this moon cycle to support your personal intentions?

Rise Up, Warrior.

Payal *ೃ༄



LOSS: Sometimes you learn true offering through loss. You make a passionate invitation for Love to take over and bring Her own plan instead of the ego’s.

SURRENDER: Sometimes learning to surrender can feel as if you’re dying. The ego learns what’s hardest: to stop trying to control the whole Universe.



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