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Dharmic Warriorship on Youtube

The Prana & Poetry Pod

A podcast on yoga, dharma, and decoloniality, for those seeking authentic indigenous voices in the Western wellness industry. I talk about colonial trauma, healing and self care practices for sensitive, artistic, and visionary women. I call out the harm taking place in Western wellness spaces and the importance of self-responsibility when creating your spiritual business. Listen to the latest season

and my '3 Minute Thoughts' Series:

LATEST EPISODE:  Season 4, Episode 7:

The ONE THING that will change your life completely!

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Creative Healing

Write With Me

Spoken word poetry, embodiment practices, meditations, creative moon rituals and more on the way! Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and be inspired to cultivate your authentic voice and highest purpose. 

Watch and follow along to my Monthly Journaling Rituals, where I encourage you to reflect, evaluate and re-align with your intentions! Tend to your environment, write, move and meditate with me!

Follow for your mid-month mental and emotional re-set!

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Deep Souls Need Deep Souls


This online community is a space for women who share strong values of indigenous sovereignty, anti-colonial warrior training, authentic living, sensitivity as power, self-love, self-care, and a culture of deep, independent thinking, care, compassion and kindness. It's a space to articulate decolonial healing and where I offer education and guidance from Yoga and Vedic astrology.

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Network & Decolonial Toolkit

Are you a native dharmic practitioner?

A yoga teacher? Ayurvedic practitioner? etc. A dharmic from the diaspora, seeking to connect with your inner roots?

Let's connect and create community and move towards our ancestral healing.

I'd like to hear from you and assure you you're not alone in the troubled Western Wellness Industy frought with appropriation.

Decolonial Toolkit Image.png

Send me an email with 'Dharmic Network' in the

subject line and I'll reach out and add you to my list.


The toolkit is a google doc of important indic books and

articles to uncolonize your consciousness.

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