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 C O A C H I N G   &.  M E N T O R S H I P 

 Embodied Clarity 

& Vision Mapping

AI photo of me - payal pic_edited_edited
AI photo of me - payal pic_edited_edited

Creative Embodiment Coach

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Work With me

 Sensitive, Visionary, Cycle-Breaker 

Spiritual, artistic, and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit – this is your call to action! I am here to stand with you on your journey, supporting your big dreams and authentic self-expression as you step into your highest vision and life purpose.


You've set your destination; financial, business, and relationship goals are defined. What you need now is a guiding hand, patient support, and accountability to propel you towards success. 



Navigate through relationship conflicts and master the art of setting boundaries. An unsupportive environment shouldn't be a roadblock to embodying inner safety, self-trust, and ultimately the freedom that comes with self-sovereignty.



Desire independence, self-sufficiency, and the ability to speak and share your truth across all aspects of life? Let's create a path to liberate your authentic voice.



Banish toxic influences and transform co-dependent behaviours that drain your inner power, hindering bold

and consistent action steps. I'll help you to cultivate

Creative Warrior energy!


You're different, a rebel of the status quo, spiritual and ethically conscious, and ready for big life changes - ready to embody your true Self! This is achieved through balancing

the prana and manas shaktis (Yogic pracitce).


Life has led you to the dharmic and decolonial path!

Drawn to indigenous, nature-based practices and sciences, you seek authentic voices and ancestral healing

to support your evolution.


Slay distractions and train your mind and body to focus on the next right action step! This is the warrior's spirit.

In our creative embodiment sessions, we will move through

the struggle with boundaries, amplify your truth,

and elevate your environment so you can wholeheartedly embrace your soul mission.

 Dharmic Entrepreneurship 


Your dream of turning your artistic and spiritual callings into a an ethical business that honours indigenous teachings is within reach. All that's left is the right support and

a decision to start now!


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 What is your current challenge and focus? 

 Client love 

{more testimonials below}



"I would truly like to thank Payal for her beautiful magic ‘Life Mapping/Art therapy session’. Firstly I would like to say how in awe stuck I am of her beautiful presence, her energy is so uplifting every moment and encounter we have had was pure joy as I could sense she truly loved sitting there and talking to me, and diligently worked to tailor my session in extreme detail to fit my needs, every time I spoke to her she greeted me with a beautiful smile and warmth, I highly recommend working with her as not only did we find solutions to the intense things I was dealing with, but I am left with a profound new perspective in life that is completely uplifting I have gone to countless "therapy sessions" in the past, none of those so called psychologist social workers had ever made me feel comfortable in the way Payal did she actually listened to what I needed and took the time to extensively solve it. It almost was as if she gave me 2 sessions in one because of how thorough she was with making sure all the details were correct for the session to be completed properly. She also left me with 6 lovely oracle cards and affirmations perfect timing for my new beginning as I enter my 34 year solar return. I am so beyond grateful for her presence and how it has created a ripple effect in my world and consciousness."

- Marlee Kira (Canada)

Image by Annie Spratt

 What to Expect in Your First 60 Minute Session 

  • Guided meditation & visualisation 
  • Clarify your goals and set intentions
  • Understand your current obstacle on a deeper level
  • A creative process for inner transformation (bring a journal and colouring tools)
  • Gentle movements
  • Oracle energy guidance
  • Strategy for your next steps
Sacred Exchange: $111 

 What Next? 

3 Month Coaching Package
Receive 2 x 90 minutes sessions a month for steady and sustainable growth and change. 
Yogic path guidance and Vedic astrological insights added
for those working with me on a longer term contract.
Consider the Inner Practitioner Mentorship if you're seeking to
uncolonize your yogic path and strengthen your dharmic foundation.

What Others Say

"I had a power packed session with Payal in which she was able to reveal many things about me that I didn't think existed! I felt less alone in the world and she was very accurate with her guidance as I felt her words in my body and it felt very very true. It was fascinating, the cards she pulled for me gave me the right direction to move forward and confirmed that I was indeed on the right path. I got more clarity on it and especially, the way she put across the messages to me felt very comforting even if they felt hard to accept. I had known things for long but her approach made me feel supported in the storm of life. Thank you so much Payal for your nurturing session. I love the drawing exercise that was part of the process as well. It made me happy! Lots of love to you my dear!"

- Roshmila Adhikary. Certified energy healing practitioner with 6+ years

of experience offering coaching and energy healing sessions (India)


"I met Payal through social media. When I had the session with her, it was a while I had been following her on Twitter and Instagram. I also signed up to her newsletter. Taking part in a Clarity-session with her was a great opportunity to investigate my thoughts and my feelings. She is a true empath, she can connect with you on so many levels you almost forget you are working on healing yourself. You just can be yourself, without boundaries. Everything happens naturally. She guides you inside your soul thanks to her intuition. I loved how she managed the breathing part and the analysing process. The activities are varied and simple. Doing this short training session with Payal is like talking and sharing things with a long-known friend. I recommend her as a teacher and as a listener. She will open many doors for you, although you have to work on yourself alone. She will give you the tools, you will have to do the tough work."

- C. B. Translator and Intuitive (Italy)

Payal held a wonderful container for me to self guide myself into my body and deepest feelings, combined with using Art. This was something totally new for me to experience, and dropping the expectations of what I should create with colour, I just allowed the colouring pencils to take over. It was clear from this in the two sketching sessions, what my desires and blocks are. Without asking any questions, she instructed me to create my own affirmations, which tapped further into my needs and wants.  We went through a short meditation before beginning the second sketch, and from this I was able to create a definitive story of my journey, moving away from my limitations and stepping into my power. I really enjoyed this process as it felt natural, nourishing and trusting for me to know that I always have the answer, and the Coach does not necessarily have to provide that for you. Payal drew 3 cards for me as part of an oracle reading which amazingly matched the narrative I am currently living and feeling! as well as my sketchings! It was absolutely incredible to receive this exchange of information that already sits within. She gave an amazing breakdown of each card, how this relates to my chakras, and gentle steps of encouragement of how I can proceed further into entering empowerment. I was really lifted by the end of the session, and have since set those affirmations on the background of my phone. I highly recommend a creative embodiment session with Payal, and know for sure I will work with her again. The following days after the session, I felt free, lighter and optimistic for the life I will create. Thank you so much! :) 

- P. K. Yoga teacher (UK)

Image by Annie Spratt

"Coming into the clarity session with Payal I had no idea of what to expect. Having been unsettled for quite some time, it was also easy to be sceptical of what could change after a 45 minute session. That view was turned upside down after a sensationally revealing experience that connected me with my body, and brought me face to face with the biggest blockers in my life. I can honestly say that Payal has a gift that everyone could benefit from!"

- Jacqui L. Teacher (UK)

“My clarity session with Payal was amazing! The experience was grounding, guiding and really helped me get back in touch with myself and where I was at. As always, Payal was wonderfully supportive and insightful. Her guidance and wisdom was great, I really appreciate all she has done to help me.”

- Lucy C. Dancer & Performance Artist, (UK)


"I loved Payal’s holistic approach. Her focus was on helping me find the answers within because, well, they are all there. Just sometimes clouded in a fog. We did meditation, drawing and journaling, movement and also pulled her energy and goddess cards. One of the meditations was to increase the awareness of our physical, emotional and spiritual body, which I found very interesting. She also showed me breathing techniques to help me feel calm and grounded. Payal works very intuitively and so invested in helping you find the answers and your path. At the end of the session I felt energised and positive and confident about myself. I would recommend her coaching for any woman looking for clarity."


- M. Sapte. Product Stylist & Apothecary (India/UK) 

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Payal xo
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