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 The Inner Practitioner 

A three month sacred

journey that supports

you in the transformation

 from Student to Sadhaka.

In this 12-week process for the powerfully sensitive and visionary woman, I take you through a journey of unlearning colonial distortions, and support you in stepping into the authentic and eternal path of dharma. Understanding the concepts that form yoga practice is so essential for realising our true nature and wholeness. Move from yoga (asana) student to a yoga sadhaka, a true

practitioner and seeker.


 The meaning of 'sadhaka' and 'Sadhana': 

 Restore Your Inner Sovereignty with 1-1 Guidance 

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The Inner Practitioner is for those starting out on their yoga journey or asana students or teachers who are ready to uncolonize, body, mind, heart and spirit.

- You're interested in decolonial healing.

- You identify as a highly sensitive, vision-driven womxn.

- You're ready to practice or teach Yoga with humility and integrity towards its indigenous context and source, unlearning watered down understandings or superimposed western ideologies.

- You're longing to connect with the wholeness of yoga, which include other Vedic arts and sciences, and embody their teachings in daily life and ritual.

- You're moving away from being lost in a lack of clarity, stuck in overwhelm, or distraction, to creating safety, trust and stability in mind, body, spirit and environment.

- You're seeking accountability and consistent steps to align with your unique path, goals, and vision.

- And you're looking for compassionate, kind and patient support as you take responsibility for the life changes you're currently moving towards.

- Most importantly you're called to seek your inner truth and authentic voice, to strengthen your buddhi (discrimination) and heal the disconnection
with Self and relationships. 


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Listen to my short podcast on moving from being a student to a sadhaka. 

Episode 1: The Inner Practitioner

00:00 / 08:25

"Do not be led by others
Awaken your own mind,
Amass your own experience,
And decide for yourself
​Your own path."


The Atharva Veda

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 recent Feedback on 
   working with me:    


"Thank you for your loving guidance and support for me. It has contributed so much towards my life and being."

 ~ Roshmila Adhikary.


Certified energy healing practitioner with

6+ years of experience offering coaching

and energy healing sessions.

This spiritual mentorship programme includes:

⫸ FOUR 60 minute sessions each month.

⫸ The fourth week is for personal reflection, digestion
    and integration, recorded in your journal.

⫸ W
eekly Hatha Yoga Class with Sanskrit support. (That's 24 sessions altogether including the weekly coaching.)

⫸ Alternating weeks of personal coaching and study of   
    dharmic concepts and teachings to apply to life,
    relationships and business, designe
d on the
basis of your needs.

⫸ These twelve weeks prepare and create a foundation
for stepping into the path of being a yoga sadhaka.

⫸  The teachings and coaching are designed to help you     
      live and create 
life more consciously and with intention, strengthening your Sankalpa.

⫸ We begin with a goal and intention setting session,
that will help map out the coming weeks.

⫸ This 3 month programme is not a teacher training, but a journey of unlearning and deconditioning: steps I have taken

to uncolonize my own practice and path.

What I offer is an academic learning and a coaching
 that supports your own self-practice.

  Book a Chat to register  

 Sacred Exhange: 


Or 3 monthly payments of:


 Book a 15 Minute Clarity Chat 

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"Payal works very intuitively and so invested in helping you find the answers and your path. At the end of the session I felt energised and positive and confident about myself. I would recommend her coaching

for any woman looking for clarity."

~ M. Sapte.

With warm wishes,

Payal 🌸 


Send me an email if you have any questions:

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