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The Shero Rises

6 Weeks to Reclaim Your Power and Align with Your Vision!

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"I have a vision of total victory and nothing else.
​Defeat has no place in my mind."


Week 1: Warrior I - Reach for the Sky and Root Down
Monday 1st May

Clear away distractions. Think big and plant new seeds of intention. Learn a simple exercise to ground yourself daily.

Yoga pose video: Virabhadrasana I​

​30 min 1-2-1 check-in session, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Week 2: Warrior II - Build physical strength and containment
Monday 8th May

Keep your physical body moving. Creating structure and routine in your day and week to get things done to have time for yourself.

Yoga pose video: Virabhadrasana II


Week 3: Goddess - Surrender to the Moon
Monday 15th May

Greet your shadows. Learn to work with the wisdom of the emotions you resist and acquire their powerful elixirs.

Yoga pose video: Goddess [download]
Live web class this week: ***RECORDING BELOW***

Week 4: Shooting Bow - Embrace the Sun
Monday 22nd May

Create healthy boundaries and defend your personal territory. Expressing your No and standing fully in your power.

Yoga pose video: Shooting Bow [download]

***Integration Week***

60 min 1-2-1 session, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Week 5: Tree - The Shero Rises
Monday 5th June

Integrate yin (lunar) and yang (solar) energy within. Practicing a pranayama (breath control) and qigong technique to simultaneously root and rise to increase your vitality, your Shakti essence, your divine feminine power.

Yoga pose video: Tree [download]

Week 6: Dancer - Activate Your Vision!
Monday 12th June
Embody your creative warrior energy and trust your vision! Making a vision board to manifest your desires. 

Yoga pose video: Natarajasana [download]

Live web class to celebrate your journey: Vision Board Party!

Sunday 18th June 
6.30pm UK time.


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