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 11 Day Writing Challenge 

Online Course for Emotional Healing & Transformation

ENTER THE DRAGON'S CAVE: Awaken the Shero Within

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Daily Journaling prompts to Strengthen your emotional body Wisdom

Who is this Quest for?

This 11 day writing challenge is for the deeply sensitive womxn who hears the warrior's call, it's for the writers, the artists, the misfits, the creatives, the daily journaling types and the rebels of the status quo! It is for those seeking to heal the disconnection with their emotional body and to reconnect with their authentic nature; their body wisdom and their soul.


A Special Container to Support
the processing of Big Emotions

Resolve inner conflict through writing and art!
You will learn how to use the power of your imagination and conscious embodiment to
re-write and re-direct your inner turmoil and
re-invent your story and gain a valuable tool
for self-transformation and healing! 

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Payal  xx

 Creative Embodiment Guide 

I am here to support your warrior's path, to help you trust
your inner wisdom and awaken your powerful roar!

Follow my own 3-part Shero's journey below
  and determine if this challenge is for you!  


Enter the Dragon


The Dark Cave of the Unconscious

The Dark Cave of the Unconscious.jpeg

The Return Home With Treasure

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"The medicine for my suffering I had within me from the very beginning
but I did not take it. My ailment came from within myself, but I did not
observe it, until this moment. Now I see that I will never find the light unless,
like the candle, I am my own fuel, consuming myself.”

- Bruce Lee

Ready to Enter the Dragon's Cave?

 Be the Powerful Creator Of Your Story! 

Image by Ola Dybul
Imagine a world in which you are the Shero, the main character who fashions
her  destiny and defeats the dragon guarding the treasure that belongs to her.

What or who symbolises your dragon?

What is the treasure you seek?

You may already know the answer. Take this inner quest and find out for sure!
Defeat the obstacles along the way and claim your prize and power! 

Leap into your unconscious material and journey through the labyrinth
of your dark feminine, for she alone holds captive your true power.

Fight to win her over so that she may reveal the treasure in her midst and offer
it to you like an elixir that heals the wound. The quest begins the moment you
choose - an 11 day journey through the emotional body landscape,
pen and paper as weapon and path!

This daily writing quest supports you in managing your emotional responses.

Never be at the mercy of emotional manipulation. 

Learn how to communicate and create a relationship with your feelings.


You will need a journal, a pen, and colouring tools (optional)
and at least 15 minutes each day to complete the prompt.

CHAPTER 1: Warming Up
CHAPTER 3: Transforming Fear
CHAPTER 4: Guilt & Shame
CHAPTER 5: Digesting Guilt & Shame
CHAPTER 6: Anger
CHAPTER 7: Re-directing Anger
CHAPTER 9: Re-imagining Hate
CHAPTER 10: Pain and Grief
CHAPTER 11: Moving Pain & Grief

Awaken your self-knowledge and reclaim your power!
Be the warrior!


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  • Audio Narration to accompany Each Challenge.

  • A 15-page Printable E-Book with the Daily Prompts.

  • 3 x Simple Practices To Support Emotional Release.

  • A copy of my poetry & Journaling workbook, 'Rise Up' for inner clarity & Direction!

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"All the 'not readies,' all the 'I need time,' are understandable, but only
for a short while. The truth is that there is never a 'completely ready,'
there is never a really 'right time.' As with any descent to the unconscious, there comes a time when one simply hopes for the best,
pinches one’s nose, and jumps into the abyss."

- Clarrisa Pinkola Estes


"I am really enjoying the music of each day's narration and also the metaphorical story that I am in. I am a visual artist so it's very                supportive to have tangible visuals to go with my journaling. Something I wasn't aware of. I'm enjoying this process so much and I am       learning how the movement everyday is helping with my mental health. I can feel how it's supporting my emotional life and how a little   

 drawing everyday is so soothing to my nerves! The embodiment practice was also very symbolic and I followed all the steps that you         had laid out for me. It was such an amazing experience.  I'm glad I decided to go on this journey with you! You are an amazing guide."  

  – Roshmila Adhikary. Certified energy healing practitioner with  6+   years of experience offering coaching and energy healing sessions. 

 "Payal created a transformational challenge where I was able to access my inner warrior. I was excited to commit to it

with the sacred contract. I was able to make drawings of my feelings and face every step of the journey.

The shero within me is definitely awaken. I feel lighter and forever changed." 

 – Cristina-Oana Cucoanes 
Life and Vision Coach & Registered Marriage 
and Family Therapist Intern 

 "The course took me on a journey through the basic human emotions and guided me comprehensively day after day

to take a deeper look inside of myself. It helped me extract memories and beliefs that I was holding and helped me find

resolution. The process was pleasant (as I love writing, I was looking forward to it!) and at the same time deeply healing.

Added value for me is that I can do this process again and again and it will always be useful as different things

will come up each time. Payal was checking in regularly and supporting the process. That was a great bonus." 

 – Marty Lux 
Coach and Trainer 
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See you on the other side!
- Payal xo
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