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Change the story! October Moon Guidance, Eclipse Intentions & Journaling Tasks.

Chances are, you’re the main person in your family invested in changing the generational dysfunctions. You watch your kin make the same choices over and over again, choices that cause them pain and grief (and they are none the wiser).

It kills you to watch them suffer.

I’ve done enough soul-searching, research, critical evaluation and self-enquiry to understand, from the Indian perspective at least, that these dysfunctional, toxic patterns stem from internalised colonialism.

But who am I kidding, we are ALL colonised. The way we self-harm through the internal dialogue, the lack of rest we give ourselves, the constant self-criticism and doubt, the pressure to conform to unnatural laws (of time for example), the way we think we have to look, what we should say … I can go on, but I’ll spare you — this is all colonialism.

The other darker half of this ‘mental disease’ is the entitlement, the narcissism, and on the world stage this manifests as the theft of lands, the looting, distortion and erasure of indigenous nature-based cultures for material gain (in my own context I’m of course referring to yoga and other Hindu practices) — speaking on these issues and uncolonizing all of these dysfunctions is where my fire resides.

Awareness precedes change.

Whatever we seek to change, step one is in cultivating awareness of the problem. What story is keeping you stuck from the big life change you’re craving? Where is the mental dis-ease? And more importantly, what is at the root of this pattern that is on loop? If one or more years have passed and the same inner story is playing out, and you’re still stuck in the same circumstances, then there is a challenge, a fear that must be confronted. Perhaps even a trauma that needs to be worked through somatically. With the upcoming solar eclipse, it’s time to cut the old mental and emotional ties, the old karma (much of which is tied to the family system); it’s time to pay off your karmic debts by breaking the pattern and changing the story.

New Moon in Libra, with Partial Solar Eclipse in Swati Nakshatra, October 25th

This new moon and eclipse in Libra brings a renewal in relationships to the forefront. Set your intentions on where you’d like to focus your mind during this cycle which comes to a close on November 8th with a full moon lunar eclipse. Swati’s power is pradhvamsa shakti — to scatter like the wind (ruled by Vayu, the prana devata). Symbolised by a shoot swaying in the wind, or a blade of grass, Swati reflects an inner strength amidst the storms of change. When it comes to relationships, where can you adapt? What needs to change? How can you root deep into your Self so that you can speak your unshakable truth? Clarify your boundaries.

Swati is associated with the Goddess Saraswati, listen to your inner wisdom and focus on knowledge gained from sattvic teachers along with your own life experiences. There is a purification taking place, an ending and a beginning. Eclipses are inward times and we never begin new ventures which we wish to last; lean into spiritual and artistic practices instead and protect the inner light of the soul. (Diwali which falls on the 24th reminds us to light a lamp and keep dharma alive). Venus, ruler of Libra is debilitated, and this moon carries the stern drishti of Saturn. Things will change, it is inevitable. Will you be on the side of resistance? Or acceptance? Cultivate a balanced mind and trust your independent thinking. Swati’s other meaning is ‘sword’ so ‘cut’ through the bullshit and tend to self-care.

(More guidance in the Yoga Energy Reading I have shared further down.)



Strengthen your pranayama and meditation practice.

Be consistent and honour the silent moments.

Be around sattvic company.


“I am listening to the insights of my spirit and soul.”


What am I avoiding and resisting when I say “I don’t have enough time for myself?” What circumstances remain

the same and play on loop because of this resistance?

What small daily ritual would support my mental and emotional digestion and integration? Name when, where and for how long you can commit to it

during this eclipse cycle.

What do I know to be true about my vulnerability and sensitivity? What are the gifts of my delicate nature that I can share with the world? What do you need for true independence?

(Share your thoughts in our Facebook community or comment below—

I’d love to hear how this guidance has supported you!).



Enlightened Warrior

Siddhartha Gautama’s lineage stems from the Ishvaku Dynasty, the Solar dynasty, the same lineage as Shri Rama. Sun equates to dharma as well as the warrior and so his upbringing was in the kshatriya dharma, a clan of warriors. (Detailed in the Vishnu Purana). The awakened and aware soul is Buddha. You’ve likely walked or are walking the warrior’s path in this lifetime. The battle outside mirrors the battle within. This oracle arrives to support you in moving beyond suffering. What is it time to ‘renounce’ — what illusions or material world traps need to fall away so that you can move closer to your soul path and the right action? You may find the clarity and guidance you’re searching for within authentic Buddhist teachings at this time. How is your journey towards self-acceptance going? Perhaps this is a reminder to meditate and carve out some alone time. Practice the art of noble silence, of solitude, for a while. Understand the teachings of impermanence and detachment — these are significant concepts for how to show up and move forward in life, next.

Retreat and Meditate.

~ Payal

“I had a power packed session with Payal in which she was able to reveal many things about me that I didn’t think existed! I felt less alone in the world and she was very accurate with her guidance as I felt her words in my body and it felt very very true. It was fascinating, the cards she pulled for me gave me the right direction to move forward and confirmed that I was indeed on the right path. I got more clarity on it and especially, the way she put across the messages to me felt very comforting even if they felt hard to accept. I had known things for long but her approach made me feel supported in the storm of life. Thank you so much Payal for your nurturing session. I love the drawing exercise that was part of the process as well. It made me happy! Lots of love to you my dear!”
~ Roshmila Adhikary. Certified energy healing practitioner with 6+ years of experience offering coaching and energy healing sessions.

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