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The Search for Fulfilment ~ June New Moon in Gemini {Vedic Astrology}

The new moon arrives on June 18th (GMT) in Gemini, in the nakshatra of Mrigashira, the constellation that is symbolised by a deer’s head and governed by our nourisher, Soma, the moon deity. Mrigashira’s ultimate goal is to attain fulfilment through moksha.

The deer is always on the search, for food, nourishment and pleasure. The graha devata of this lunar mansion is Mars (who is currently debilitated). Amidst frustration, Mar’s lesson is patience, but coupled with Gemini’s Mercurian influence, there may be an experience of heightened awareness, anxiousness and doubt, even in your search for passion, peace, freedom, love and true direction.

Quick action, clear communication, study, travel and practical actions may be supported, however, Saturn moves retrograde just before the moon shifts into its New phase, calling for self-reflection, slowing down and digesting mental and emotional activity during this moment of stillness and tenderness. Shani Dev is forcing us to confront our reality, and the structures and aspects of life that no longer work for our health and vitality.

June’s New Moon in Gemini invites us to disentangle from attachments of the past that continue to carry old, stagnant behavioural patterns and move towards new growth that comes from upgraded connections, new paths, new structures and, ultimately, better ways of being.

Wake up to the new beginning that is being made available to you! Trust the karmic releases and lessons.


  • What specific dreams and desires are compelling you forward? Clarify your passion and focus.

  • What does fulfilment look like to you?

  • What needs to change for a more safe, secure and balanced approach to life?

~ Payal


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