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Black Ocean: Divine Feminine Healing and Transformation

[Photo: Jack B]

A Poetic and Meditative Experience


I miscalculated my step

And sank into a dark portal

An ocean of blackness,

Lost in devastating vastness.

The wings of my white dress

Floated about me like a ghost,

The length of my charcoal hair

Wrapping around my throat.

My arms and limbs

Taken by gravity,

My consciousness half-awake

And half-asleep.

Where are you taking me?

I ask the black water telepathically

She answers with silence,

Elegantly letting me drift

Deeper into her depths.

Strangely I can breathe

As if this sea was cut from me

No discord, no enmity

Rather, a genteel camaraderie.

Smooth and serenely

I’m carried along in harmony

With her quiet authority

Her terrifying abyss

Of infinite nothingness.

My heart misses a beat

Isn’t this feeling familiar?

It’s like meeting a mirror

I have known terror in comfort

But here is a comfort in terror!

Great goddess, why am I here?

To show you your strength

I hear her say.

Available to you night or day.

Sink into your soul

The spark that you had forsaken

For the illusion of fulfilment

My babe, you are already whole.

Come back to me

Into this black sea,

Where you were born

You are not alone.

Remember your origins

This is your grand homecoming,

Replenish your energy

In your very own soul.

Do not be afraid to own it all

This inherent power of the Gods,

Both the terror and benevolence

Your own beauty and malevolence

Devi, awaken to your truest Self,

The magic and the mystery,

Your ocean’s nature, its glory.

Only as you reach the bottom

Will I let you teach what’s forgotten;

Your truth and your perfection

Stripped away by your predilection

Towards man-made fabrications.

As I floated in her twilight waters

I understood her divine lesson.

Silently let it be,

Glide with her through eternity.

Choose her over everything.

There is no chaos or calamity

When I am one with this sea.

No one and nothing has

Any power over me.

© 2017 Payal Patel



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