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Ethical Leadership: September New Moon in Leo ~ Vedic Astrology

Updated: May 30

[Photo: Sidath Vimukthi]

On September 14th 2023, the New Moon occurs in action-oriented Leo, and in the creative nakshatra of Uttaraphalguni.

You may have been navigating difficult circumstances, sudden changes and a need for restructuring certain areas of your life. Things have been falling away or apart, only for this new space that is created to be filled with more of your unique energy, your values, more congruence with your sense of leadership; more alignment with your authentic power — this power which is of a kingly nature, since Uttaraphalguni is ruled by the devata, Aryaman, Son of Aditi and Kashyapa — mother and father of the Aditiyas, the twelve solar deities who are responsible for maintaining the order of the natural world.

Aryaman offers Chayani Shakti, the power of wealth and prosperity brought about by partnerships or unions, particularly like that of a marriage. It is known that Shivji and Parvati Mātā wedded under Uttaraphalguni, hence it is also known as the star of marriage — an auspicious constellation for commitment to a sacred bond and for receiving blessings for success.

What new contract or commitment are you moving towards?

With Mercury just about to move direct along with Venus now direct, what was not working in the realms of work, communication, home, property, money, and life force energy, can be finally assessed and put to rest, this is an opportune time to release and close old contracts and move towards self-sovereignty, authentic communication, and channeling your power in pursuits and directions that wield better results.

This new moon cycle illuminates the mind and one’s dharma, since Uttaraphalguni is ruled by Surya Dev, the Sun, who is exhaled in Leo, providing a fresh start and greater clarity than the period beforehand.

Watch for the egotistical behaviours — ‘my way or the high way’ — the shadow side of Leo. This moon encourages us to embody an ethical leadership that takes into consideration the connections that help with our successes and growth.

Use this New Moon day to slow down, take stock, and ask for support if necessary before moving forward with plans and creative projects. Set intentions and follow through with the momentum offered by simha rashi (Leo) our inner Lion, in the next few weeks.



Your authentic path, aligned with dharma, unfolds naturally, in its own time. Truth and beauty is born from darkness and lack of consciousness, which have their place in the natural order and continue to serve their purpose. Cultivate the qualities of self-compassion and patience as you take the right action at the right times. Release the grip of inner desire born of ignorance, of avidya, and understand that spiritual awakening and enlightement, as well as material success, is a gradual process.

Like the Lotus flower (Sanatana Dharma’s symbol of prosperity), allow rest, make peace with reality and open to the light.

Rise Up, Warrior.

Payal Patel


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