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Let the light Return: New Moon in Cancer, July 2023.

[Photo: Ilja Tulit]

CANCER NEW MOON | Purnavasu Nakshatra | July 17th

July’s New Moon falls in Karka (Cancer) in Purnavasu nakshatra, also known as the Star of Renewal for it brings forth the return of light — the qualities of peace and goodness which comes after a storm.

Interestingly, Purnavasu is the seventh nakshatra following Ardra, where storm energy is potent. Its symbol is a quiver of arrows, and just as the arrow must return to the quiver, so too does the mind, body and spirit return to its home after ‘battle’.

Whatever storms have been brewing and have played out, now is the time to return back to equilibrium; back to the inner light, to find safety, rest and love in one’s home.

Cancer highlights issues to do with mother, home, land, family and friends, and is about receiving comfort, peace and happiness through these connections. When moon shifts to Purnavasu, there is an emotional resolution occurring within these domains.

The nurturing energy of Purnavasu is brought about by its ruling deity, Aditi, the Great Mother of the devas. She is the creator and guardian of the universe (the female equivalent of Brahma) who represents infinite space; the cosmic womb and primal reality in which all beings; gods, animals and humans alike, reside. As such, Purnavasu offers vasutva prapanna shakti, the power to attain wealth and gain substance, meaning there is an ability here to manifest material prosperity through one’s enterprising action.

Above all, welcome rest to regain your strength, soften the mental waves and allow yourself to be held and cared for by others or by the personal space and comfort you create. Let the light return.

New Moon Intentions

Give yourself space, security and solitude to feel your feelings.

Create a home sanctuary, set new goals, and meet your needs, act with compassion and count your blessings!


✎ Which part of life is bringing renewal? Why is this important? *ೃ༄

✎ How are you making a comeback in life?*ೃ༄

✎ What is your personal intention for the coming weeks?*ೃ༄



Subtle essence of intelligence and courage; radiant and glowing.

Tejas refers to the element that is derived from ‘Agni’ the primordial fire mentioned in the Rig Veda. Tejas itself is first discussed in the Bhagavad Gita:

|| OM Namah Shivaya Gurave Sacchidananda-Murtaye Nisprapancaya Santaya Niralambaya Tejase ||

‘Salutations to Lord Shiva who is the supreme guide and who is the embodiment of truth, tranquility and bliss. He is independent, full of peace and is full of spiritual light known as tejas.’

Lord Shiva, who delivered the sacred teachings of Yoga, is an embodiment of this luminescence. Tejas is what is created through the transformation of our own ignorance, it is a burning light, an effulgence derived from the heat of internal practice. This brightness is attained through courage — the warrior spirit.

This energy card is an indication that there is a readiness to transform and purify karma; old patterns and inner darkness, to receive the true light and radiance of self-knowledge. Remember at this time, your spark of light that uplifts and leads.

In the sutras, Patanjali exclaims that those with tejas advance the fastest towards yoga and warns not to abandon the yamas and niyamas in order to respect the integrity and wholeness of this process of inner discovery.

Restore your physical vigour and emotional vitality by conserving your energy wisely and choose your battles well — elect the path that leads you to fulfil your highest vision.



Power Thought Series: The Power of FOCUS

Client Love:

“Payal led me through a 90 minute session that was incredibly empowering. Unlike coaches setting you tasks and giving answers, she really made me dive deep into answering my innermost fears by myself. It felt like I couldn’t hide behind myself, and I was able to admit what I was feeling with no external guidance. Through her technique, we uncovered many synchronicities in my responses, which was truly magical! Payal is deeply intuitive, and her approach is rooted in Vedic knowledge, which helps a person understand how they can work with their challenges confidently and capably. Her ability to connect to Oracle, and understand root causes at an ancestral level was particularly helpful for me in understanding where my feelings and actions aren’t matching. Following the session, I felt lighter and happier, and gained insight into my body and inner child’s needs. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

~ Purvi S.



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