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Manifestation Power: April 2023 Full Moon & Yogic Guidance

Chaitra Purnima, Virgo, Hasta Nakshatra, 6th April

Moon is full in Kanya rashi (Virgo) in the nakshatra of Hasta, whose meaning and symbol is the hand. Mercury — ruler of kanya, and Moon — graha devta of hasta, reflect the heavy influence of the mind during this transit. This is a creative, sensitive and awakening time for the mental body and its best use is through planning and productivity, since this is Virgo’s strength!

In exact opposition, Sun is in Pisces with Jupiter in the uplifting and encouraging nakshatra of Revati; Guru is ending his 12-year cycle and moving into Aries on the 21st following the Solar Eclipse (19th-20th).

Pay attention to the concluding lessons and messages from the soul and the journey it’s been on, as a new dawn is arriving. The deity of moon-ruled hasta is Savitur, who represents the rays of the sun at dawn. Make way for a new awareness and prepare to step into new growth.

To embrace the path of dharma, dispel the avidyā maya, the mental illusions and misconceptions, and embrace the changes that are coming with both hands.

Get honest about your behaviours and choices.

There is ample courage and mental strength during this full moon as Hanuman Jayanti lands on this day. This is the celebration of the birth of Lord Rama’s greatest bhakta (devotee), and the Wind god Vayu’s son, who is the ultimate bhakti and karma yogi. The tale of Hanuman carrying in his hand an entire mountain from the Himalayas, containing a rare healing herb, ‘sanjeevani booti’, to save the life of Shree Rama’s brother, Lakshman, is a potent illustration of the power of hasta nakshatra. Hasta holds sthapanyaagama shakti: the power to grasp what one desires in one’s hands; the power of manifestation.

This full moon therefore mirrors the dharmic quality of using the mind and emotions in a way that brings support and healing for all.

How can sacred anger be used for good? Take the mind to its highest place and use your physical strength and emotional courage to lift you there.

Moon in hasta also reminds us not to get too attached to the outcomes of our actions, the hands remind us to let go and release our mental grasp, release so you can truly receive what your soul path desires.

Take a deep exhale.

Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa will elevate the mind.


Get creative, use your hands to bring something good to form. Engage in artistic activities, or enjoy a nourishing home-cooked meal. Organise your home and time through the creative power of your hands. Be resourceful.

Go through my 12 minute FULL MOON RITUAL


  • What awareness is awakening for me right now?

  • What is my big dream and soul desire?

  • If I let it be easy, what would I do?



Single Pointed Concentration

Put the blinders on and focus single-mindedly on the goal and task at hand. When you say yes to yourself, you automatically say no to what is out of alignment with your needs and path. What is the priority right now? What deserves your precious life force energy? Because as the saying goes: where attention flows, energy goes.

It’s time to withdraw your energy from external stimuli, from actions that lead to overwhelm and burn out. From which distractions do you need to reclaim your attention and focus?

In the eight-fold path offered by Patanjali, dharana is the 6th step towards inner liberation.

There is cloudiness in the mind which can be overcome through the withdrawal of the senses and deep meditation.

Remain steadfast in your daily yoga sadhana, steadying the awareness through one-pointed focus on an object (ekagra chitta). Since Moon is in Hasta (hands), be sure to place the hands in a mudra that is right for your practice.

Close the eyes and sustain the flow of concentration.

Move towards equilibrium and the sense of calm and peace that stillness brings.

Offer yourself the mental clarity you so long for.

~ Payal


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