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'The Keeper of the Vedas' - Poetry

You can find many of my micro poems on my instagram page, These were written years ago during a time of deep inner transformation.

Poetry is alchemy, and the Vedas themselves are living, breathing poetry. Vedic śāstras are considered timeless and eternal (Sanatana).

‘Hinduism’ became the label of this enduring living culture of the Vedas. The Hindu people, or more accurately the ‘Sanatanis’ — which takes into consideration the diversity of traditions — are the original carriers of age-old Indian knowledge systems.

We call our way of life ‘Sanatana Dharma’.

As part of my process of uncolonizing body, mind, and spirit, I continue my study and embodiment of Sanskrit, which began over two years ago.

Payal *ೃ༄



Download my Dharma and Decolonial Toolkit, to begin your unlearning journey.


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