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The Power of the Circle: August 31st 2023 Full Moon Guidance.

[Photo: Paras Kaushal]

Today’s full moon at 2.35am (GMT) arrives in Kumbh rashi (Aquarius) in the nakshatra of Shatabisha, ruled by Varuna, lord of the ocean, who bears a thousand eyes to survey the world. Nothing escapes his all-seeing gaze. This is the star of a hundred healers.

Varuna is the Son of Aditi, the Mother of Gods, who represents akasha, space, and it is space that allows for healing, yet paradoxically, when one is afflicted, containment is also necessary, thus Satabhisha’s symbol is an empty circle.

Speaking of circles, the sacred Hindu festival of Rakshabhandhan is celebrated today, making this another auspicious August full moon. The power and protection of the circle is emphasised through the tying of a raksha sutra, a decorative band or string around the wrist of one’s brother or one representing a brother.

It is only through the power of Shakti, living in the body of the sister, that her brother is given the power to offer his family protection. Each year this sacred commitment is renewed and Shakti is embued within the raksha sutra. It is truly a sweet and loving ceremony within a Hindu household where the sister, revered as Shakti, is showered with gifts.

Moon in Kumbh, the sign of the collective consciousness indicates that this is a cycle of both personal and collective healing. Shani Dev (Saturn) the graha devata of Kumbh, ensures we slow down and deal with the weight of whatever hardship or grief is surfacing. Confront the pain, and follow your heart, whose consciousness steers you ever closer to your true desires.

Have you been forced to surrender the ego, slow down and make an important decision? What is being stripped away? What new possibilities and commitments are calling to you?

Move forward into a new cycle with trust and courage, knowing that the power of Shakti, your innate agency is always there to protect, guide and nurture you. Solutions are especially available if you’re willing to do things differently.

Untangle from old holds and inner belief systems, and allow space for deep karmic healing and growth at this time.

Rise Up, Warrior.



Power Thought Series: Episode 6:


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