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Your Big Vision Requires Your Self-Sovereignty (September New Moon Guidance).

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Hello friend, I’m back after a bit of a hiatus! I can honestly say, I feel like I’ve worked the hardest in my life in a yoga programme I undertook to restore my own self-sovereignty — earlier this year.

I was given the opportunity to finally step into the identity of the sadhaka, the seeker, who, with humility and discernment consistently shows up to the process of inner enquiry and undertakes practices for ‘citta shudhi’ — the cleansing and purifying acts for the body and mind that support the resolution of karmas and the integration with the divine.

I could write so much more on my experience: learning Sanskrit, Veda chanting, Yoga scripture, oral examinations; the blood; sweat and tears; the joy and the grief. ‘Tapas’ is an understatement!!

Nevertheless, a big piece of strengthening my own ‘self-sovereignty’ is by reclaiming my voice, which epigenetically has been stolen by colonisation. We see this reality of internalised colonialism in my land of origin: Bharat.

Notice how land and body are deeply interconnected.

With the loss of voice (being robbed of one’s truth and needs through theft of our culture, cultural tools, methodologies and medicine, along with our histories) comes with it complex issues relating to boundaries and power struggles, especially with an external authority. The impact on the psychological and physical health of future generations is quite enormous, especially considering the multiple genocides inflicted on Hindus over one thousand years. Rooting myself back deeper into my own heritage and context with the support of indigenous teachers and restoring authentic embodied knowledge with a dharmic lineage has been a magnificent

way to reclaim my own inner power, helping me to gain a massive stride towards my big vision and dreams.


NEW MOON IN VIRGO, Uttara Phalguni, September 25th

The synchronicities of time never cease to amaze me. In the Hindu calendar, we are currently in ‘Pitru Paksha’, the fortnight of the ancestors, where we pay our respects to those who have come before us and clear the way to receive their blessings, gifts and boons through specific rituals. The boundaries between worlds are currently thin. This sensitive time comes to an end on the New Moon (25th) at the start of my favourite festival of the Devi, Navaratri.

Virgo, known as ‘kanya’ in Sanatana Dharma (hinduism) is depicted as a young girl — a form of the feminine divine (the Devi). Kanya also translates from the Sanskrit as a daughter, or an unmarried girl, usually a child or a teenager — at this age she is known as the form of Durga, the self-sovereign goddess, whose nine aspects we celebrate during the nights of Navratri. Moon transits the artistic nakshatra Uttara Phalguni during Amavasya (the new moon). This constellation is known as the marriage star as it is said that Shiva married Parvati during this transit. Notice the parts of you that provide support (Shiva) and the part that provides nourishment (Shakti); how are you tending to these needs? Have you been moving towards more support and nourishment, more commitment to self, to relationships and business? Where can you also offer support? The ruling deity of Uttara Phalguni is Aryaman, known as the lord of patrons, who expresses matters of dedication, devotion, true friendship and togetherness. Aryaman is also the leader of the pitrs, the ancestors, making family, or the idea of a loving and safe community where one belongs, the central feeling of this creative New Moon energy.

RETROGRADE CYCLES right now: Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn

Retrograde cycles are opportunities to go back and ‘do-over’ what has not been excavated and brought to the light for integration. Notice what is coming back into your life, or what familiar patterns are playing out for you to change for the better. Mercury is exalted in his own sign of the deeply analytically-minded and self-reflective Virgo, aspected by Guru, the teacher — Jupiter who is in Pisces. This indicates a time of deep spiritual growth and learning. Dedicate time to practicing and embodying your teachings or that which you have learnt so far on your path. Saturn (in Capricorn, Danishtha nakshatra) is bringing up and revealing the unresolved karma of your past and asks for release, transformation and surrender. Channel your passion, energy and creativity into focus, structure and slow, consistent steps.


(More guidance in the Yoga Energy Reading I have shared further down.)


Pay attention to dreams and intuitive messages. What is the teaching? What are the lessons emerging? Surrender to the synchronicities and the deeper knowledge and inspiration around you.

Honour the silent moments.


“I offer myself permission to slow down, take time to ground and self-reflect as I surrender to my process with self-kindness and trust towards my innate wisdom.”


What does self-sovereignty mean to me? Where does my power and genius reside? How can I cultivate or reveal more of it?

What is my ultimate big vision? What drives me? Why am I drawn to this desire, and whom does it support and impact?

Self-reflect on the details of your big vision and strategise on how you would love the next 6 months to unfold with regards to relationships and working life.

- Who would I like to be surrounded by?

- How would I like to feel?

- What needs to be completed or released to create space for this?

(Share your thoughts in our Facebook community — I’d love to hear how this guidance has supported you!).

COMING SOON: The Prana and Poetry Club, a shakti circle that hosts online monthly Writing and Embodiment Masterclasses, weekly Hatha Yoga Classes and Co-working Sessions.

Rise Up,





Inner Wisdom, Intellect

Buddhi Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita is described as a state of even mindedness, the force of discrimination that allows us to not suffer the pain of unconsciousness. This oracle arrives to guide your movement towards sattva, to help you detach from the results of your efforts and to remind you to practice a healthy sense of detachment in all things. Buddhi is your intuitive ability to discern — strengthened by your yoga practice (your sadhana). ‘Budha’ is also Mercury, who is currently retrograde in Virgo until October 2nd. In order to be in harmony with this inward, reflective and creative quality, find moments of stillness and presence, and quieten the constant waves of the mind. Allow yourself to linger happily in your dreams and goals as you connect with your passion and process. As this commitment to your process unfolds, gather the details and plans of your next material world action steps.

Can you dream yet detach from the goal at the same time?


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