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A spell to protect your mental and emotional borders

[Photo: Chad Madden]

Poetry for the highly sensitive soul

Where do I end

And where do you begin?

My emotions are hazy,

My mind, lazy

A perfect home

For a predator

This body, this domain

Not yet my own

So I ask again…

Where you begin

And where do I end?

You’ve made

My mind and body

Your home;

Kicked out

Of my own house

And left,

All alone

I am all alone

Tending to an

Unwelcome guest,

A pest,

Truth be told.

I must find myself,

Become whole.

But first,

I must kick you out,

Remove all doubt,

I must seek my own borders,

The edges of my skin,

Discover where I begin

And where you end.

For this story is not over yet

I can no longer pretend,

That you are my friend

No longer pretend

I no longer pretend

That I don’t know

Where I begin

And where you end.

The truth is…

You are not my friend,

Not my kin.

I am closing this book

And choosing a new pen.

This is where you end

And where I begin.

I am starting over;

The tales

You trapped me in

I now unspin.

Because I know now

Not where I begin,


Not where, but how

This is how I win.

I win.

The end.

~ Payal

{Read this out loud for best results!}


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