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Chaos and Cosmic Order: October’s New Moon & Solar Eclipse Portal. (Vedic Astrology.)

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

[Photo: Joseph Corl]

Big shifts are taking place on October’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo, in Chitra Nakshatra.

The Surya Grahan (solar eclipse) occurs on Saturday 14th October at 4:03pm (BST) on Amavasya, the New Moon day, also called Mahalaya Amavasaya (laya meaning destruction) and refers to the last day of Pitṛ Pakṣa, the fortnight of honouring and thanking the ancestors. This deeply spiritual day involves doing the final puja and ritual to support their soul’s journey, and ask for their blessings.

It is a significant moment that opens up an awakening and transformative two-week cycle, concluding with the lunar eclipse on October 28th, bringing inner clarity and resolution.

Rahu and Ketu, the shadow nodes of the moon, are the causes of the eclipse, making the periods before, during, and after the eclipse times of darkness, turbulent world events, and intensifying karmic patterns. These familiar and painful experiences are especially related to challenges with power, government and authority (solar energy) both on the personal level, and the world stage.

When the Sun, our inner light — the light of dharma — is being eclipsed, we go inward, tending to our inner flame through meditation, mantra, and other spiritual activities.

The day after the solar eclipse, on 15th October, the Hindu festival of Navaratri begins — the powerful nine nights of the Goddess! It is no coincidence that the New Moon cycle begins at this time in Kanya rashi, Virgo, symbolised by a girl child who holds the magnitude and many aspects of the Devi in her small form. She holds the potential of Shakti, the creative warrior power, and the ability to battle the greatest darkness, for the purpose of restoring dharma; equilibrium and balance to the universe, and therefore to our consciousness.

Before changing signs, Ketu will be in the final degree of Libra (where the emphasis has been on the disillusion within relationships) joined by Sun and Moon in Virgo, all moving within the lunar mansion of Chitra.

[Photo: Anastasiia Ornarin]

Chitra inspires us to create and build something beautiful out of what may be darkness or ‘tamas’, this region after all is ruled by the skilful deity, Vishwakarma, the divine architect of the universe, who can transform dark matter into form. Just like Chitra’s symbol, a jewel, we too can transform chaos into a work of art. The lesson here is that before this new reality can take shape and form and appear like a precious jewel, a true vision is needed, whose foundation and stability is one’s self-honesty and integrity.

This new moon eclipse therefore requires facing one’s untruths, for the true beauty in life to manifest.

What new structure can you dream into form?

What do you desire to truly create?

Send your attention and energy to the vision that brings balance, honesty, creativity, organisation and structure to Self and the world around you.

Move away from that which does not align. This includes unsupportive relationships, stagnant environments and behaviours that keep pulling you back to an old identity that must be shed during this cycle.

What will it take for you to step into your power and embody your divine feminine Shakti?

Mars and Mercury are in close proximity to Sun, Moon, and Ketu during this intensification of shadow brought on by the eclipse. Disturbances in the mind and in communication with others are easy. Best to keep within and use Virgo’s strength of clear and rational thinking.

[Photo: Sonika Agarwal]


Accept the big changes that are happening with old behavioural patterns. Watch your angry words and feelings carefully around close relationships, and keep communication simple and honest. Do your spiritual sadhana, and the ancestor puja on this final day of Mahalaya Amavasya, a day also known as Shraadh, and attend to purification practices like mantra and meditation.


✎ What is that old and familiar pattern that is intensifying right now that is creating inner frustration and conflict?

✎ Name in exactly six words what turmoil you’re ready to release and transform.

✎ If I could speak my truth without fear of consequence, what would I say?

✎ Create a personal intention for yourself based on what you’re releasing and the truth you’re moving towards.

Rise up, Warrior.




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