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Healing within the Shadows: April 2023 New Moon and Solar Eclipse Guidance

[Photo: Sayan Ghosh]

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse occurs on 20th April, 04:16:53 (GMT) in Mesha rashi (Aries) in Ashwini, the nakshatra (constellation) that brings fast results and healing.

There is a heightened influence of Ketu, the moksha karaka, around this time as he is the ruling planet of Ashwini and as the south node of the moon, he is impacting tulā rashi (Libra) during this eclipse cycle. Themes include sudden changes or forceful detachment in relationships, as well as conflicts and confrontation (Martian energy because of Aries). There is a purpose for this struggle, which is to move towards balance and ultimately liberation.

Surrender to your circumstances, regardless of which area of life this is affecting, but be patient in how you respond. The eclipse reminds us that not everything is within our control.

Where there’s an intensification of shadow, we won’t have all the information and the clarity, therefore turning to your intuition, and your spiritual sadhana, which is supported and amplified during an eclipse period will be very beneficial.

Rahu and Ketu are the causes of an eclipse. Therefore, paying attention to the push and pull of these unconscious forces and what they reflect for you personally, based upon your kundali (birth chart) is useful to know.

There may be an increase of self-doubt and inability to make clear decisions. Avoid taking big risks and impulsive actions without all of the information. Patience, rest, turning inwards and protecting your energy is the best use of this time. Mantra chanting (particularly Surya mantras) also impacts our inner purification, clarity and healing.

[Photo: Micah Williams]

Ashwini nakshatra, symbolised by a horse’s head, is the domain of the ayurvedic physicians, the Ashwin Kumar devatas, depicted as twin horsemen. The power of this nakshatra is shidhra vyapani shakti — the ability to reach places, people and things swiftly and powerfully, like a horse, and deliver remedies and solutions through natural means. The horse also represents vital life force energy, or prana, and it is up to us how we feed our minds and bodies, what we hold on to and what we release for the benefit of our vital power. Are we increasing it or depleting it through our choices?

Naturally energy will be low as the Sun, our power source and consciousness, is being hidden. Trust what the physical body says (how it responds) about the direction in which to go in order to preserve and increase our prana shakti. Let this eclipse cycle clear away the attachments that do not support our path, purpose, creative expression, self-confidence, joy and wholeness. Let go of the old patterns and trust in what is being revealed at this time; it is Rahu who amplifies the darkness in order to reveal what is lurking there.

Just after the New Moon, Jupiter moves into Aries on the 21st, the first sign of the zodiac — are you clearing out or allowing the way for this new start to happen?

Mercury also moves into retrograde motion on the 21st for another cycle of reflection and review, of sifting and sorting through the mind. The confronting and forceful energy of Aries is a big influence at this time. Take care of your physical body, and slow down the mind through meditative practices.

Akshay Tritiya, the most auspicious day of the year for Hindus arrives on the 22nd, and this time, inside of the eclipse portal! On this day, the Sun and Moon are exalted and hold equal brightness. Traditionally, this is a time of increasing punya — good karmic activities, like donating to a charity and honouring your ancestors. It is known as the day of everlasting prosperity, so positive action steps that serve humanity are supported and in return, spiritual and material wealth is gained. Bearing in mind the surrounding planetary influences, and eclipse portal, it may be best to focus on yoga sadhana or practices that enhance our inner sattvic qualities.

[Photo: Sixteen Miles Out]


⫸ What attachments are obstacles to my growth, path and purpose?

⫸ What struggles are amplifying right now? What is the old pattern that creates conflict within me?

⫸ What needs to come to a close?

⫸ In which direction does my vital energy increase? What or who supports me?

Moon Blessings,



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