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Illusions and Illuminations: April New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Vedic Astrology Insights.

Updated: Apr 8

Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Revatī Nakshatra | Vedic Astrology Guidance for your Soul Path.

"Truth is not what you want it to be.

It is what it is, and you must bend to its power, or live a lie."


What powerful truths have you been unable to hide from? What familiar struggle has risen to the surface of your consciousness that has felt inescapable?

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse take place on April 8th, in Mīna Rāśi (Pisces) and in Revatī nakshatra, a star space which offers spiritual nourishment and karmic liberation. The cosmic drama in the sky, alongside the moon’s emptying and renewal, is all occurring in the last sign and constellation in the zodiac in its final degrees, signalling an end to an important cycle and the awakening of a new one.

Amavasya (the New Moon) occurs at 7:20 pm (BST), and the unsatiated and malefic Rahu begins to ‘eat the Sun’ at 7:55 pm (BST). To understand why this time is considered inauspicious in Vedic Astrology, watch my short video on what Rahu represents and why it is his moment of revenge. The forces of darkness gain the upper hand in the material world; therefore, we direct our minds and energy toward spiritual activities that nurture the inner light. Spiritual practices yield tremendous results during this period of ‘darkening.’


It’s time to shed an identity that no longer aligns with the visionary path of the soul. Stop sweating the small stuff, and start reflecting on where to steer the wheel towards your dreams and true desires. Your dreams may have been expressing unresolved communications and experiences to you, as this is the realm of Pisces. It’s been a peculiar eclipse portal with Mercury retrograde bringing haunting visions and faces from the past into awareness. Logic and control of reality are drowning in gandanta, a spiritual knot; the mental and intellectual realms are challenged as Mercury, the graha devata of Revatī, enters the sensitive gap between fire (Aries) and water (Pisces), and moves towards debilitation. You have full permission to let go of overthinking!

Things may be falling apart, or falling together, depending on your level of inner illumination; nevertheless, for a less painful experience, allow events to unfold without resistance.

Will you react in the same old ways — splashing around in a sea of emotional frenzy? Or will you choose to leap into your wholeness, like a fish into the vast ocean — responding with a calm and quiet knowing of your true place in life?

Maintaining a sattvic attitude towards your environment, home, the company you keep, and your body and diet during this potent moment will support you in seeing through the illusions of the past with clearer vision. Jupiter, the Lord of Pisces, will strengthen these spiritual efforts.

Who are you when you are trusting your inner guidance and following a path balanced with surrender, duty and devotion?

Pūṣan, the devata of Revatī and a solar deity, is the cosmic shepherd, guiding souls on their journey to the final destination, showing the Way. This nakshatra is known as the ‘wealthy star’ because Pūṣan teaches the true meaning of wealth — an enriched life. He embodies truth, compassion, goodness, kindness, and humanity, as reflected in his unconditional guardianship and care for the animals of the earth. Additionally, he symbolises nourishment through the consumption of simple, sattvic foods. These characteristics all contribute to the beauty associated with Revatī, along with the connection and reciprocity fostered through devotion to other beings, which ultimately leads to health and happiness.

Adhering to dharma, or doing the right thing, may not always yield material riches, but it bestows upon you the greatest wealth imaginable: a clear and ethical consciousness that leads to peace and equanimity of mind. Most importantly, it grants the protection of Dharma, under which inner nourishment and divine support are boundless.


It’s time to shed past identities; allow yourself to own your growth and embrace changes toward new behavioural patterns and values. Use this potent and transformative cycle to surrender all worries, slow down, self-reflect, and honour your journey towards true inner wealth.


Where are the places that I am afraid to look in my life? Why?

What core challenges do I face in my relationships, and what role do I play in them? (Identify recurring patterns.)

In which aspects of my life do I need to assert my self-sovereignty, my innate shakti?

What changes must I undertake to confidently lead the transformation of my mindset, actions, and path?

Rise Up, Warrior.




Clear the obstacles and surrender!


As true offering arises, it becomes easy to let go. You start to trust that more will always arrive. You shift from Mine…mine…mine to God’s… God’s …God’s.

Such freedom!




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