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A SPIRITUAL METAMORPHOSIS: March’s New Moon in Aquarius, Pūrvabhādrapadā Nakshatra | Vedic Astrology


Just before the New Moon on March 10th at 9 a.m. (GMT), Maha Shivaratri unfolds two days earlier on the 8th, providing profound insights into the essence of this Moon Cycle in Aquarius, especially under the influence of Pūrvabhādrapadā nakshatra. If you’ve been feeling chaotic and unstable, now is the right moment to turn inward, as a spiritual metamorphosis is underway.

On Maha Shivaratri, devoted Hindus and sādhakas observe fasts and remain awake throughout the night to honour the universal consciousness that is Shiva. Through practices such as tapas and meditation, where we surrender our worldly attachments, a profound process of transformation and purification takes place. This event, known as the Great Night of Shiva, carries immense cosmic significance. We pay homage to the sacred yogic teachings bestowed by Shiva, known as the Adi Yogi or primordial Yogi, and his selfless act of consuming the poison that surfaced during the churning of the Ocean (Sumudra Manthan) to safeguard creation.

Astrologically, the energies are intense, with Mercury debilitated in Pisces, leading the mind to wander aimlessly amidst a sea of noise. The influence of the dharmic and karmic giants, Jupiter (lord of Pūrvabhādrapadā), and Saturn (co-ruler of Aquarius), marks this as a profoundly serious moment.

Remedy the heavy forces through commitment and duty towards the service of others and your spiritual path. At the threshold of this new moon, a celebration emerges to quieten the frazzled mind and awaken consciousness.

Maha Shivaratri venerates the union and divine marriage of Shiva and Shakti (Parvati Devi). Within the physical body, it mirrors the ascent of Kundalini through the Sushumna Nadi, culminating in a convergence and awakening as these pranic forces harmonise. However, on this special night, it is the Shiva tattva that descends to Earth (mūlādhāra chakra) to unite with Shakti, symbolised by Earth’s planetary tilt towards the northern hemisphere, and the gravitational pull of the moon, creating an upsurge of life force energy in the physical body. This is why, by remaining awake throughout the night, we maintain a straight spine, ensuring it is receptive to the profound spiritual energy of higher consciousness. Through this practice, the sincere sādhaka undergoes a spiritual purification and elevation — but not without some sacrifice or upheaval.

It is no coincidence that Pūrvabhādrapadā’s devata is Aja Eka Pada, a one-footed serpent and rudra — a fierce form of Shiva, as depicted in his tandav, the dance of destruction which leads to the dissolution of the cosmos. Death and rebirth — the duality inherent in the cosmic cycle are important themes on this New Moon.

One of the symbols of Pūrvabhādrapadā is a two-faced man: one face is looking back, towards the past, while the other is looking forward to the future. Bridging this with its other symbols, which are the front two legs of the funeral bed and a lightning striking down, we receive a glimpse of how to best live life in a way that brings meaning and fulfilment.

What masks and attachments must be burnt away and purified and offered as a sacrifice in order to ascend towards one’s true face, the indweller? By acting upon this knowing, we can then focus on and fulfil our true duty and service before we are called to leave material reality completely.

The lightning strike speaks to the shakti of this nakshatra, which is the power of rapid ascent towards spiritual insight and awakening. This journey is fuelled by the fiery transformative influence of anger (rudra energy) and the pain of releasing the ego’s material attachments, an evolution that was initiated during the preceding Leo Full Moon.

In the face of struggle, release your emotions, and practice deep devotion to the true inner consciousness. See the bigger picture through Aquarian eyes, recognising that there is a greater purpose beyond the conflicts that may seem overwhelming and make our world feel so small. Through tapasya, burn away what is insignificant and embrace the visionary journey that calls your name. Keep your gaze and heart focussed on the optimism and splendour born from the deep truths discovered from within.


Get quiet and meditate. Chant silently in your mind: ‘Aum Namah Shivaya.’ Contemplate your existence, desires, and true essence. Who are you without the thought-forms and attachments? Go within to go beyond the mind. Let the untruths die.


Who am I? What is my truth?

What can I surrender that is no longer working?

If I were to fully embrace my authenticity, what positive changes would I be moving towards?

Rise Up, Warrior.




Intention without surrender can be a fast path to delusion.


‘Imitation is weakness’ — listen now!


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