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Post-Eclipse Feels ~ November Moon Guidance & Journaling

Feeling the post-eclipse blues? I’m writing from the other side of the lunar eclipse which occurred on November 8th in Meṣa rashi (aries) and Bharani nakshatra, whose symbol is the yoni, the womb. The Lord of death, Yama, resides over this star space so there may have been a big letting go, and a rebirth. It may even have been out of your control and unexpected. If there was resistance to this or if conflict intensified, you may be feeling the heaviness in mind, emotions and body right now. What has or must you release? What will arrive from it?

Let’s journal on this later.

Sun transits Scorpio, November 16th

The Sun has been debilitated for quite a while, meaning inner power and the masculine energy has been vulnerable and weak in its expression. As Sun moves into Mars-ruled Scorpio on the 16th, this will begin to change and you may notice a boost in your physical and mental energy levels. What was on hold can now, slowly, begin to move forward.

Vṛścika (Scorpio) is known for its depth, and is related to the deep sub-conscious, and when Sun arrives here with more of its vital power, there can be a sense of liberation and forward momentum during this time, however taking a step towards a new beginning or launching something new; a signing of a contract for example, is usually avoided on Sankranti (when the Sun enters a new sign).

Instead, in this moment of transition, focus on spiritual pursuits, on punya, dharmic action steps that benefit all; tend to inner purification practices and nourish your spiritual roots, which of course will have a material reflection; cleaning and organising your ancestral alter or home temple for example.

[Photo: Boudewijn Huysmans]

3 Month Mentorship: The Inner Practitioner

So you’ve been a yoga student for a while, you attend in person or online asana classes or you study alone, and now you’re longing to be rooted in an authentic practice led by a native teacher who offers time tested teachings and accuracy with pronunciation in Saṃskṛtam.

Perhaps you’re a complete beginner and have been interested in yoga for a very long time and now you’re committed to begin or deepen your journey to enhance your personal life, relationships and business, applying the wholeness of the teachings to your daily life.

My 3 month programme is a container that helps you move from being a ‘student’ to a ‘sadhaka’.

This is your opportunity to unlearn harmful watered down understandings of yoga that keep you dis-embodied and disconnected from your authentic self, to learning yoga in its indigenous framework. I support you in uncolonizing, body, heart, mind and spirit and re-establishing your authentic voice and connection to your own inner truth and light — a basic requirement and a necessary foundation to step onto the yogic path.

In the words of Dr Rosalez Mesa, “You cannot facilitate healing with a colonized mind.”

Listen to Episode 1 of my short podcast on understanding the dharmic teaching of yoga, linked to the programme details:

New Moon in Scorpio, in Anuradha Nakshatra, November 23rd

Moon is debilitated (inwardly expressed) during this cycle but will be in the company of Venus and Mercury. The significance of friendship and community is highlighted during this time as Anuradha nakshatra is ruled by the deity, Mitra, whose name means friend, and who will offer support in the realm of heavy and dark emotions. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for support, or a listening ear, it will be nearby. Have discrimination of who or what constitutes right support and right friendship. Make the choice to move towards those who honour your sensitivity and vulnerability.

(More guidance in the Yoga Energy Reading I have shared further down.)

Inner Practitioner ~ Begin Your Journey

Schedule a 15 min clarity call if you’re ready & determined for life changes that support your big dreams & your authentic voice & expression.


The symbol for anuradha nakshatra, where Moon in Scorpio resides on the 23rd, is the lotus flower. This is a reminder that you too can bloom and rise up from what seems like a dark place. Transform your intense energy to meet your creative potential.


“I befriend my mind and big emotions. I am kind to myself.”


What has yet to be consciously let go of? What feelings must be felt and faced and transformed?

What is arriving? Write down what new things you’re calling in to fill in the space of what has left or will leave.

What are you committing to in this new moon cycle? Plant your seeds of intentions and list your goals.

(Share your thoughts in our Facebook community or send a message personally — I’d love to hear how this guidance has supported you!).



Radical Self-Transcendence

Is it any coincidence this card has popped up?! Even though we have Chinnamasta depicted here, one of the ten mahavidyas, a powerful tantric goddess and ferocious form of Parvati, we also have here an image of disembodiment — and what is the cause of the eclipse if not Svarabhānu, a demon who forms the two entities, Rahu (the head without the body -ego) and Ketu (the headless body -spiritual liberation) — the two shadow nodes of the moon. The self-decapitated goddess, Chinnamasta delivers a powerful message of awakening following the obliteration of the ego. A request is here to step into your authentic, innate power. There is also a sense of forcing here, a fierceness. Have you allowed a release in your life to happen? Have you moved into self-acceptance? Have you accepted your physical body and all the layers established within? Allow the goddess, who represents the awakened kundalini, to eliminate the remaining obstacles in your path, including within the subtle body. This is the time to subdue the mind and re-absorb it into the absolute consciousness. Never forget that you alone hold the power of transformation whilst in your physical body. When you have found your feet again on the material plane, bring more of who you wholly are into this next period. Welcome a rebirthing of your identity.

Mantra: Om Hum Chinnamasta yai Namo Namaha.

Rise Up,


Book a Clarity Session

“I had a power packed session with Payal in which she was able to reveal many things about me that I didn’t think existed! I felt less alone in the world and she was very accurate with her guidance as I felt her words in my body and it felt very very true. It was fascinating, the cards she pulled for me gave me the right direction to move forward and confirmed that I was indeed on the right path. I got more clarity on it and especially, the way she put across the messages to me felt very comforting even if they felt hard to accept. I had known things for long but her approach made me feel supported in the storm of life. Thank you so much Payal for your nurturing session. I love the drawing exercise that was part of the process as well. It made me happy! Lots of love to you my dear!”

~ Roshmila Adhikary. Certified energy healing practitioner with 6+ years of experience offering coaching and energy healing sessions.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit!

NOTE: My sessions are for those

who identify as womxn.

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