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Saturn’s Autumn Lessons | Vedic Astrology and Yogic Guidance + Journaling

Autumn and Saturn through the lens of Vedic Astrology

Autumn is the season of Vata, the ayurvedic element that gives us the qualities of air, wind, dryness, roughness, lightness and cold. Pay attention to your physical body and where these traits may also be manifesting. Following guidance from Saturn who influences the vata dosha is a good idea! (Rahu and Mercury also impact the energy of this season).

Are you taking care of your needs? Now is a good time to reflect on this.

Mirror the trees, look to how the leaves change colour and shed! The change precedes the letting go. Offer no resistance to what is ready to fall. Allow the baggage in your life to drop off!

Resetting through detoxing and cleansing is what is often recommended in Ayurveda as we transition into a new season. And as we shift into a new season, we also shift into a new version of ourselves, so take some time to pause and let go of an old identity.

Moving towards balance means to give yourself the opposite of the cold and dry qualities of vata, it means to offer yourself warmth and nourishment, in your choice of foods, in your relationships, in your environment etc.

Saturn is a karaka (an original ruler) of the house of career/professional status — amongst others. Have you given thought to what needs restructuring and change in your work life/business/offerings?

What are you holding onto that is outdated? It’s time to shed the old here and offer more of your true self-expression into the work or service you’re putting out into the world.

Saturn Direct in Aquarius, Dhaniṣṭha Nakshatra

(4th November 2023)

In his own sign of Kumbha (Aquarius) Shani Dev gives us the opportunity to slow down, get back into a routine, and organise our life, in view of taking care of our boundaries.

Symbolised by Shiva’s damru (drum), Dhaniṣṭha nakshatra signifies our true wealth, which is the health of our foundation. What is the universe itself formed of? Sound vibration, as reflected by the damru — the origins of Aum.

The lesson: Embody the courage to beat to the rhythm of your own drum. Peace in the world is achieved first through peace within. Nothing fruitful comes from an unstable mind; hence, Saturn is also a signifier of Yoga.

November 10th marks the Hindu festival of Dhanteras, where through puja and ritual, we wash and clean our money and homes in preparation for Lakshmi’s blessings for abundance and prosperity, just as Diwali and the Hindu New Year arrive.

[Photo: Holly Kooi]


What are my current needs? Am I honouring what I NEED? (Look to work life, relationships, home, basic habits like diet and sleep etc.)

What is life asking me to release and let go of?

With what is gone, with this empty space, what will I grow in its stead? Write down your ideas or give more details to your goals and plans — more structure, make it more real.

Where am I feeling cold and dry and how can I offer myself more warmth and nourishment? (Pay attention to your inner dialogue, the mental critic, as in yoga, look to all levels of your being.)

What are my autumn self-care rituals for inner balance and clarity? (Commit to these for the rest of the season! Saturn loves consistency, he loves when you take care of your body!)

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