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The Power to Reach Your Potential! April’s Libra Full Moon in Svātī Nakshatra

Full Moon in Libra | Svātī Nakshatra | Vedic Astrology Guidance

The Moon reaches fullness on April 24th at 00:28am BST in the sign of Libra and in the versatile nakshatra of Svātī, which offers independence, adaptability, and diplomacy — qualities reminiscent of Pavanputra Hanuman, the son of Vayu, God of Wind!

This full moon brings Hanuman Janmotsava, the birth day celebration of Sri Rama’s greatest bhakta (devotee), Hanumanji. Through utilising his strength and courage against the odds, he supported Sri Rama in winning the battle against Ravana. He also acted as a mediator between Sita Ma and Sri Rama during their separation, thus highlighting the nature of Svātī in Libra as a harmoniser of relationships.

Svātī is symbolised by a blade of grass or a shoot or sprout growing from the ground, resilient and independent. It bends to the wind without breaking, reflecting the untouchable warrior spirit within and again, reflecting Hanumanji’s unshatterable heart and soul against life’s adversities.

April’s full moon makes available this strength of spirit and courageous heart in the domain of relationship, particularly the ability to recognise our authentic needs and balancing that with being of service to others. Honour your individual journey and nourish your path while also reserving enough ‘prana’ or vital life force energy to authentically give to others. Know when boundaries are required and when your truth must be self-expressed.

Review your relationship commitments. Is your energy going to the right places? Where are you compromising at the expense of your personal expression and freedom? Move towards balancing Self with Other.

Rahu, the planetary lord of Svātī, may bring some confusion and distrust in the outcome of your action steps, along with shadowy exchanges from others; Mercury, after all, is just about to go direct, strengthening its unstable retrograde energy. Root out your inability to speak and stand up for your truth!

Opposite the Moon, Sun in Aries is fanning the flame of the atman, the individual soul essence. Emotional storms may erupt around this time, yet clarity and willpower are available for those who seek it.

You are the bridge between worlds.


The shakti of this lunar mansion is the power to go far like the wind; the ability to reach your potential. This is your time to think big and remove the mental limitations. Expand your breath and energy through pranayama practices. Capture and control your senses, and utilise your inner strength to organise your powerful mind towards a purposeful goal.

Listen to authentic recitations of the Hanuman Chalisa for dharmic stability.


Where am I distracted and lacking focus, what is taking my energy?

What is expanding my inner vitality, self-trust and potential?

What is my personal intention and goal for this moon cycle?

Rise Up, Warrior.




Trust in your action steps and

in divine timing.


Allow me, Divine, to give You my deepest longings, trusting You to know exactly how to handle them.



Write with me to clarify your intentions and goals in this 7-step creative process

for inner stability and grounding — a great resource for this full moon cycle!

Follow along this monthly writing and meditation series.



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