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Empty the Pot: February New Moon Astrological and Yogic Guidance

[Photo: Matheo JBT]

New Moon in Aquarius, Shatabhisha Nakshatra, 20th February

The moon is new in Kumbha rashi (Aquarius) the sign of the water-bearer, symbolised by a pitcher, or a vessel of water. There may be water themes coming up in this cycle, floods, leaks, rain etc — if you’ve not already experienced it! The deeper meaning is of filling this pot with nectar: In Samudra Manthan, the story of the churning of the ocean, it was Dhanvantari, the physician of the devas, that came out of the ocean carrying a pot of nectar; the balm for healing and the soma, the nourishment for life. Kumbha can carry the vessel of one’s health (which is the true wealth) if one empties the pot of negativity and all that is stagnant and needs to be released or transformed.

As ruler of Aquarius, Shani’s (Saturn) influence is already intensifying the grief and sorrow felt in the body. As a vairagya karaka, he asks us to unclog the emotional body; transform and release the sadness for the purpose of detachment (not the bypassing kind) but arriving here through inner work — which is hard work and Shani dev rewards effort and discipline.

There is a lot of Vata (air) stirring, with the dual rulership of Rahu and Shani.

Rahu also rules the sky at this time, as he is the lord of Shatabhisha, the nakshatra of this new moon. The mind will benefit from creative and grounding activities.

Follow the impulse towards isolation and solitude.

Time alone is rejuvenating.

[Photo: Daniele L. Pelusi]

The moon falls into the area of the sky filled with the most stars, indicating a lot of shakti or power. This is the star of a hundred healers or medicines. The connection to healing is very strong in this cycle. Shatabhisha’s deity is Varun, the lord of the Oceans and son of Aditi, who represents space. He bears a thousand eyes to survey the world, nothing escapes his all-seeing gaze. It is space that allows for healing, yet paradoxically, containment is also necessary, thus Satabhisha’s symbol is an empty circle. Create safety through boundaries, check your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual borders.

Expand your awareness and open up to new possibilities and deep healing.

Varuna upholds dharma, and with his dark and pervasive sovereignty, destroys what is out of alignment with nature to restore justice. Support yourself in this quest for balance and harmony.

New Moon Intentions

Shatabhisha offers the power to heal and support: ‘bheshaja shakti’ – offer healing to yourself so that you can show up and support others. Create a balance between expansion and containment. Move towards inner safety, and trust in the natural order of the cosmos.


⫸ Where in life do I feel emotionally clogged or heavy?

⫸ What am I letting go of in this moon cycle?

⫸ What does my ideal sadhana (daily spiritual practice) look like?

⫸ Is there something I need to do to bridge the gap of where I am and where I desire to be?

⫸ Complete your self-reflection with a power phrase to summarise your intention.



niyama: contentment

saṁtoṣāt-anuttamas-sukhalābha ‘From contentment comes supreme happiness’ - Yoga Sutra

The practice of Santosha is encouraged in the discipline of Yoga, being the second of the niyamas (personal observances) in the eight-fold path given by Patanjali. The sutras guide us to detach from our desires

in order to gain a sense of inner serenity.

Do you notice that the more you desire a thing, the greater the resistance you meet towards it on the inner level? You’ve heard this before, but to create and move towards your true desires, your soul’s desires, the state of rest, receptivity and ease, which brings about contentment, is necessary.

You are being asked to feel the gratitude of what you already have. You will not fall behind if you rest and experience now the fruits of your many labours. On the contrary, Santosha accelerates the Way.

Repeat the affirmation, “I am enough.” Accept what you’re experiencing — practice this state of facing what is right in front of you. Go deep into acceptance, know and love all aspects of yourself and say thank you. Accept it all… All is enough.

Santosha creates clarity of what truly makes you happy, what you, in truth, desire.

Move towards mental and emotional equanimity and rest in nothingnesss.

Enjoy the silence.

~ Payal




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