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Focus on your Higher Purpose: Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Guidance for May 2023

Welcome to May’s Full Moon lunar eclipse guidance! For many, the eclipse cycle (starting from April’s solar eclipse) has been an unsettling experience in the realm of Mesha or Aries (head, ego, independence, courage) and Tula or Libra (relationships, social connections, social justice and harmony) the current and respective residence of Rahu and Ketu, the lunar nodes. I’ve provided extra support in this time of emotional upheaval with my podcast on grounding (see below) along with a Yogic Path energy reading.

Vaishakha Purnima, Libra, Vishaka Nakshatra, 5th May

On 5th May, the Full Moon and lunar eclipse occurs in Tula rashi (Libra)in the nakshatra (constellation) of Vishaka. The energy of the moon has been waxing, building; reflecting the growing intensity of the emotional body, as well as the mind, as Moon is conjunct Ketu, the shadow node that intensifies the noise of the mental body. So far there may have been difficulties steadying the thoughts and activations of the emotions, and there has been a push and pull of the desire for silence and solitude to simplify life and focus on one’s goals, and the need for connection and support from others — a culmination of the two themes of the Aries and Libra axis, which the lunar eclipse has activated.

Something important is coming to its conclusion.It will be related to your desire and ambition (Rahu-Aries) and the relationships in your life (Ketu-Libra).

Eclipses offer an increase in spiritual power and protection, yogic practices and mantra sadhana is the best use of this time. Watch for and notice the shadows that have appeared from the onset of this cycle, stay rooted in your daily practices and place attention on reserving your energy, for this is a time of sudden changes.

The area of the sky that is activated is ‘Vishaka’ the star of purpose, symbolised by the forked branches of a tree, a lightning bolt, or the arch of a gateway which speaks to creative potential, and the drive of determination and absolute focus during the pursuit of a goal.

Fire and air elements are important to this nakshatra ruled by Indragni — who offers Vyapana Shakti, the power to achieve the results of one’s hard work and fierce ambition, mainly because of its quality of problem solving and quick decision making. Vishaka offers us the strength to find the support that comes from within and helps us to transform our mindset through the fire of pure consciousness — the highest form of fire, which is the buddhi, or intellect.

On this full moon day, find the balance between self-sufficiency and support from others. Trust your dreams, and ambitions (Jupiter is Vishaka’s graha devata and offers a sattvic and dharmic quality) and also trust that the right support will show up as long as you keep an unwavering aim on your target, and all that is true to you.


Tie up loose ends and tend to the endings and releases through creativity and ritual. Be kind and gentle with yourself and meet your emotional needs, you’re doing the best you can!

Identify your focus and one main goal for this full moon cycle.


What important matter is coming to completion and closure and how does this

make you feel?

What is the change you’re moving towards or flowing with?

What is helping you ground and slow down your mental and emotional responses?

What do you need right now?



Goddess of Space and Infinite Possibilities

A form of Adi Parashakti, and one of the ten mahavidhas, a manifestation of the Divine Mother, Bhuvaneshvari is the creator, ruler, and protector of the entire universe: bhu (earth) bhuva (atmosphere) and sva (spiritual abode). Space and earth are both needed for the manifestation of form; the desire that becomes a material reality, and so she is also known as Bhu Devi, the Goddess of Prithvi, or Earth. Bhuvaneshvari Devi grants strength, power, and success for those seeking spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. She reminds us that our potential is limitless and we hold the creative power required to manifest our true goals and vision. Offer the mental and emotional waves the freedom of space — to play, to dance, to create, and, to rest, which is the body’s natural state. Return to nature. She holds the answers, the direction of focus and the medicine.


Power Thought Series: The Power of Grounding


“”Payal led me through a 90 minute session that was incredibly empowering. Unlike coaches setting you tasks and giving answers, she really made me dive deep into answering my innermost fears by myself. It felt like I couldn’t hide behind myself, and I was able to admit what I was feeling with no external guidance. Through her technique, we uncovered many synchronicities in my responses, which was truly magical! Payal is deeply intuitive, and her approach is rooted in Vedic knowledge, which helps a person understand how they can work with their challenges confidently and capably. Her ability to connect to Oracle, and understand root causes at an ancestral level was particularly helpful for me in understanding where my feelings and actions aren’t matching. Following the session, I felt lighter and happier, and gained insight into my body and inner child’s needs. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

~ Purvi S.


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