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Magha Purnima: Moon Guidance for February ~ Shedding a Skin

Gokorna Naga Devi, c. 1990–2007. Oil painting. Small Sea Temple, Gokorna, Karnataka, India. Photo: James Morley.

This full moon known as Magha Purnima, arrives at home in Cancer, in the nakshatra of Ashlesha on February 5th. This area of the sky is symbolised by a coiled or entwined snake; Ashlesha’s ruling deity are the Nagas, whose shakti is both poison and antidote — the quality of control and manipulation of its destructive power. This is a spiritual, healing and transformative (kundalini) energy that pertains to both the mental and emotional bodies.

Known as the ‘clinging’ star, Ashlesha’s planetary lord is Mercury and offers the medicine of emotional and mental freedom, if one sheds outworn skins and releases poisons, whether this be negative thoughts, inner stagnancy or external attachments.

Don’t be surprised if you are experiencing a forced disconnection or are battling the desire to release and let go of that which is out of alignment with your spiritual values. There is a deep sensitivity awakening.

On this full moon nurture your heart, offer the medicine of self-truth and self-love that comes from honest communication, letting go of harmful situations, people, diets and environments. Offer the shedding of tears to your ancestral alter. Liberate the soul and body from old entanglements and patterns.

Extend compassion and kindness to others who may share a different world view and life experience. Jupiter’s auspicious aspect on the Moon ensures dharmic support. Dharma is the way of righteous morals. Magha Purnima is therefore a day for charitable work and offerings and an opportunity for purifying karma through punya (good deeds).

Untangle and detox the heart and mind to see and move more clearly, moving forward. Tend to emotional cleansing and allow space for rest and healing.


What skin am I ready to shed? What is it time to let go?

Having released the ‘poison’ that is doing more harm than good, what is my new goal?

Rise Up,




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