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The Nectar in the Poison ~ New Moon in Cancer, Āśleṣā Nakshatra (August 2023)

Feeling your intense emotions lately? On the edge of a collapse, an ending, a knowing that an old way of thinking, being and doing must change?

Sensing the potential and possibility of something new?

Moon moves in to Karka rashi (Cancer) on August 16th in the potent and transformative nakshatra of Āśleṣā, whose symbol is a coiled snake.


At a celestial position of 29 degrees, the Moon in Cancer finds itself within the intriguing juncture known as the gandanta point, a spiritual knot. This lunar placement is nestled between water and fire signs. Within this cosmic context, the intricate energy akin to an entwined serpent becomes amplified, resulting in heightened emotional states. This phenomenon also triggers an intensified urge to control or grasp onto karmic patterns — metaphorically, in the context of Āśleṣā, this karma can be described as accumulated poison — prior to undergoing a process of untangling and release.

Look to your Jyotish chart and see where Karka rashi (Cancer) resides to clarify which area of life a karmic knot is ready to unravel.

Saturn and Venus both retrograde are delivering relationship karma; whatever is hidden or what was secret, has long been festering and coming to the surface to be transformed and released.

The planet of communication, and graha devata of Āśleṣā, Mercury, influences our expression towards emotions rather than logic. Instead of resisting this shift towards emotional intensity, use the energy to your advantage. Drop into the body, and move with what is also moving, sense and feel like a snake. Think from the whole body for new revelations to arrive.

Intuition is your friend.

This cycle can be daring and innovative. Make sure to create space in mind, emotions and body, and allow for moments of carthasis which can arrive through solitude, or conflict with others, alike — which do you choose?

Where will you place your focus and energy?


A lesson of this particular lunar mansion which is connected to heart and home, emotional and financial security, is to learn detachment — detachment from that which causes harm, which poisons the mind. The shakti of Āśleṣā, after all, is poison, the ability to harm, however, the antidote is always close by, within the poison.

What outworn skin must be shed? Through your own power and discernment, unravel what poison can be transformed into nectar. What actions bring healing, self-nurturance and sweetness?


Awaken your deep sensitivity by moving towards the resistance of feeling, instead of moving away from it. Meet your edges with courage. Meet the demon in order to integrate it. Detachment requires deep knowing, not deep drifting. Let the waters of grief cleanse away the inner venom and guide the way towards more clarity of path and purpose, towards more self-love and wholeness.

On this New Moon, a breakthrough can arrive with your goals or plans in the realm of home, business or relationships. Let go of a tight grip and say yes to growth and change!

Welcome a move in a new direction.


Fearlessly, compassionately, meet your inner resistance around what you really need and desire. Through vulnerable strength, say yes to each moment, each feeling and move forward.


Stay on top of the mental stories and slow down your experience of feeling and sensing.

Move the prana and consciousness below the navel. Inhale and exhale steadily from here.

Journal this

1) If my heart could speak, what would it say? What does my heart truly desire and need?

2) What is my poison? What is my nectar?

3) What does a new beginning look and feel like?



Embrace the essence of the Rumduol, Cambodia’s national flower, a profoundly fragrant oracle of wisdom, yellow in colour to uplift the senses!

Rumduol enchants with its fragrant allure, releasing a sweet perfume that intensifies at twilight. It’s ability to expand its sweetness as the day moves to night is a potent reminder of how our minds (solar energy) through our intentions and desires, can create pleasure through creativity (lunar energy) and amplify the inner light during dark moments.

There is beauty in darkness, if one seeks for it.

Just as its scent is carried through the winds at long distances, our good deeds, towards others, too can leave a long-lasting and uplifting mark.

Once ripened, the Rumdoul’s thick petals mature into delicious red fruit. They are also used in traditional medicine to heal dizziness, including ailments of the heart. This is truly a reminder to care for your emotional well being, and navigate the uncertainties of life with a practical optimism!

Even its versatile stems find purpose, and are used as material to build homes and more!

The gift of Rumduol is its power to self-transform and offer something purposeful for body and soul.

It’s a reminder that humans too can use their whole being to transform challenges into solutions, and discover the nectar disguised as poison.

The antidote is always close by.




Power Thought Series: Episode 5:



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