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Release & Realign ~ January Moon Guidance & Journaling

Full Moon in Gemini, January 6th, Purnavasu Nakshatra

On January 6th Moon moves from the fierce and stormy nakshatra of Ardra, and arrives full in the sign of Gemini, in the auspicious, creative and tender nakshatra of Purnavasu, whose name reflects good wealth or good fortune. Jupiter is the ruling planet, and Aditi, the mother of the gods, is the ruling deity. This moon therefore brings a nurturing feeling with a sense of lightness and goodness along with the quality of possibility and renewal.

Purnavasu is symbolised by a quiver and arrows. Lord Rama’s birth star is also Purnavasu and the bow and arrow played a significant part in destroying adharma in the form of Ravana. Preparing for the light to return in the coming months by removing the ‘darkness’, or the obstacles, will be a good use of this time!

Mercury who rules Gemini, is directly opposite Moon and currently retrograde in Sagittarius, the archer, so this can be an opportunity to organise your arrows as it were. Review your past actions and intentions and reflect on where you’d like to direct your mind. Make use of your innate intelligence and imagination for a clearer and abundant path ahead.

Journal This:

⫸ How am I feeling about my goals and the path ahead?

⫸ What needs to be left behind to fulfil my purpose?

⫸ Which higher pursuits are calling my attention in this moon cycle?

(Mandala Moon ritual shared below!)

Rise Up,


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