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Plan & Build! New Moon Journaling and Yogic Guidance for January 2023

[Photo by Zachary Dones]

Moving slow and steadily this month? Taking your time to figure things out? How to show up? What to move towards next? Well, I’d say they are still great questions to contemplate right now within the retrograde of Mercury.

Saturn in Aquarius, 17th January

The good news: You may have felt a lift in energy and direction with Mars stationing direct on January 12th. The taskmaster, Saturn, has just moved into Aquarius for his lengthy stay (until March 2025). This is a favourable position for Saturn considering he rules this airy sign alongside Rahu. A great time to double down on clearing your environment and cleansing the body as well as creating more structure and stability in all areas of life.

Focus on building the best foundation that supports your forward movement, this can range from strengthening your daily self care habits to tending to your relationship and business needs. These action steps are all supported by the slowest moving planet who will also offer different, more benefic results.

Things may feel a bit heavy right now (karmically) as he settles down into his new sign. Embrace the delays and changes and keep your focus on what you’re continuing to build and create that not only supports you, but the collective too. Enjoy the results of your hard work during this transit.

New Moon in Capricorn, 21st January

[Photo by Sonika Agarwal]

Moon will empty and renew in the Sun-ruled nakshatara (constellation) of Uttara Ashadha, “the latter invincible one”, whose symbol is an elephant’s tusk. It is also often symbolised by the planks of a bed, both representations pointing to bones or external structures, highlighting the importance of foundation. Uttara Ashadha carries the power to grant victory (apradhrisiya shakti). Ganesha holds an association here as the remover of obstacles, but it is the Vishvedevas (the gods of the Universe and guardians of dharma) who are the ruling deties.

Reflect on your long term hard work and efforts and trust in the timing of your final victory. In this liminal moment in time, move inward and contemplate on your past actions, so that you can face the reality of your current results.

Use soulful practices that support self-connection and self-responsibility. Victory is good health and vitality; a strong foundation in which one can show up and do their dharmic work. Plan and prepare for the year ahead.

New Moon Intentions

Commit to health and vitality. Put structures and boundaries in place that support the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Establish your desired daily routine. Create moments for silence and stillness to allow integration of your thoughts and feelings.


Where do I need to replenish my stores in body and life?

What does an ideal, successful day look like for me?

What spiritual and self care practices will support a strong foundation in business, relationships and the health of my body?

What am I committing to in this moon cycle?

Go through my Creative Visualisation Ritual for the New Moon to support the clarity of your path:


Ojas ~ Subtle Essence of Health and Well Being; peaceful and patient.

In Ayurveda, Ojas is the subtle essence in the body, specifically of the dhatus (bodily fluids) that reflects an outward glow and vitality. A healthy person emits the quality of radiance and possesses a robust immune system. If your stores are depleted, this is a request for inner balance and nourishment. Eat fresh, simple, and digestible foods that are high in prana. Avoid processed ‘food-like’ substances and heal the inner Agni, the digestive fire, for the proper functioning of the organs. Increase ojas through transforming eating habits, address sleep issues, and try an oil massage. Regular meditation and pranayama are also supportive practices. Tend to the heart with patience and gentleness,

let yourself heal and replenish.





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