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Rest & Renew ~ December Moon Guidance & Journaling

Vedic Astrology forecast and Yogic teachings.

I bet, like me, some of you have been down and out with the flu or whatever this virus going around is!! It’s been tough and recovery is still ongoing! I have been forced to stop, slow down, and go inward.

Something is not working. My body says do nothing and rest. And as I rest, grief arrives. An uprooting takes place. Of course it does: Mercury, Venus and Sun have all moved through a gandanta, a karmic knot — a complex place for a planet to be, bringing up deep-rooted if not, traumatic issues.

I knew a deep healing would be taking place. And I’m allowing myself to integrate my new awareness, choice and resolve and ultimately a new union within (yoga). This is a big turning point. My moment of reset and renewal has already arrived before the new year!

I’m curious, has a similar shift taken place for you, too?

If not, what unresolved karma is still haunting your decision making and action taking as well as the ability to be present with yourself? This is an important question when we travel through the nakshatra of Mula.

New Moon in Sagittarius, Mula Nakshatra, December 23rd

Mula refers to ‘root,’ and is symbolised by a bunch of roots tied up. This area of the sky is ruled by Nritti, the goddess of adharma, of darkness and destruction. She also goes by the name of Alakshmi. Pay attention to the what is being taken apart right now; what weeds are being pulled by the roots? What no longer aligns with your truth and purpose? It has to do with that which is not dharmic, that which does harm, unconsciously or not.

Are there practices or teachings that you’re participating in that are cut off from their roots? A teaching that is disconnected from its context is actually a false and misinformed teaching and is not going to be mentally and emotionally sustainable in the long run. What feels like an addiction? What falls apart easily?

Gather the roots, honour the ancestral practices, and strengthen your own inner foundation and sense of wholeness. The planetary ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the Guru, the deliverer of light, of truth and of dharma. It is time to examine your thoughts, beliefs and actions and if they are truly taking you towards your path, purpose and true values or further away from them.

My mentorship programme, The Inner Practitioner, is now open. My deepest wish is to support you in uncolonizing, body, mind, heart and spirit at this important time of uprooting (of illusions) and deep transformation. Click here for the details and send me a message if there is resonance with your heart and soul. Registration closes in February 2023.

Mula is also governed by Ketu, the south node of the moon, described as a disembodied, headless entity whose movement is towards spiritual liberation. Ketu asks for detachment, so it may be beneficial to simplify life right now, and tend to unresolved emotional pain or the disconnection that is present in a certain area of your life.

What must you pass or go through, in order to begin the process of healing? There is no more hiding. It does not work in this cycle of destruction and renewal. Embrace the change that you know you need. Move towards your new beginning this Winter solstice (21st).

Mercury Retrograde, December 29th

The Mercury Retrograde cycle begins December 29th to January 19th and will for the majority be in the purpose-driven sign of Sagittarius (from Dec 30th onward). There are an additional 21 days to continue to put your hand on the break and review what is working, and what is not!

Hindus celebrate New Year multiple times in the year based on the solar and lunar calendar. You can consider the first new moon of the year, a fresh start, or wait for the awakening energy of Spring! So don’t be hard on yourself to meet and stay consistent with your intentions and goals throughout January, this will very much still be a seed planting time.

(More guidance in the Yoga Energy Reading I have shared further down.)

New Moon Intention

Simplify life. Offer yourself space to breathe, to contemplate and to just be. Hold yourself with deep love and compassion as you move through and release karmic patterns that are no longer aligned with your truth and values. Trust in change and your potential for growth.


What is unravelling for me right now?

What am I releasing?

What is my intention for the New Year?

(Write a stream of consciousness, and choose 3 words that summarise the renewal

you’re moving towards for the first quarter of the year).

(Share your thoughts in our Facebook community

I’d love to hear how this guidance has supported you!).


The Prana and Poetry Club is a shakti circle that hosts online monthly Writing and Embodiment Masterclasses, weekly Hatha Yoga Classes and Co-working Sessions.

Yoga Energy Reading


God of Creation

Brahma, whose counterpart is Saraswati, goddess of knowledge and the arts, signifies creative energy — a sign to use this cycle for dreaming up universes; for art and creation! Create order from chaos. Let your inner wisdom and deep rooted knowing lead the way. The cure for stagnation is creativity; the opposite of chaos is creativity; at the end of destruction lies creativity. Time is cyclical and the creative process forever keeps you moving through all stages of life. It is the source of empowerment. Choose one project you’re highly passionate about. Bring life to it through structure and order and let it dance and unfold in its own way. The beauty of creation is the unknown that unravels from it. If you never begin, it will never come into being. What is lighting a spark in you right now? Go there. Go there and create. Let go of the outcome and revel in the process, because it is from this place of ‘flow’, that creative action becomes sustainable. Just as the cosmos endures endless births and rebirths, so does the creative body and soul. Create and transform!



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